Richard Watson

Predicting the future of work and business

Richard Watson is the founder of, a website that documents new ideas, innovations and trends from around the world.

Richard has worked on strategic planning, innovation and ‘futures’ projects with clients including: Virgin, St George Bank, Coles Myer, Tesco, Toyota and Express Newspapers.

Specific areas of expertise are future trends and innovation, especially in the media, retail, banking, airline, automotive and food industries.

Richard has also been a columnist for a number of business and financial magazines including Fast Company, Inside and Online Banking Review. His latest book is Future Files: A history of the next 50 years.

Richard Watson talks about:

  • The Future of Money
  • The Future of Retail
  • The Future of  Innovation
  • The Future of Education
  • The Future of Customer Service
  • Trends in Financial Services
  • Why Companies need to Fail in order to Succeed
  • Managing Innovation

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