Emma Hannigan

Journalist, MC and Keynote Speaker

Emma Hannigan is a feisty, rebellious and experienced journalist who has worked with leading news organisations to report on major international events, from the highs of Barack Obama’s historic election and coronation of Tonga’s king to the lows of Sydney’s Lindt Café siege and broadcasting live on CNN on the sex abuse Royal Commission.

After interviewing countless people in all kinds of situations, and over several continents for more than 25 years, Emma has learned which questions to ask to help people open up and uncover the gem of a story that is inside all of us. She has also learned how to tell an engaging story and how to teach others to tell their own story in an equally compelling way.

Emma’s passion lies in sharing her skills and tools with the business community, teaching them how to uncover and articulate their story in a way that will resonate with their audience, clients, media and investors.

More about Emma Hannigan:

Emma grew up in a small fishing village in rural Ireland, in a family where stories were gold. Her mother was a writer and so she spent her childhood going to writers’ workshops and poetry readings, surrounded by people for whom story was everything. Emma learned early on that our story is our own unique currency.

Emma’s career as a journalist began aged 15 in a local radio station. After more than a decade of working for leading broadcasters in Ireland and the UK; BBC, RTE and TV3, she moved to Sydney and was engaged by SBS TV as a senior journalist for 11 years, a role which took her across continents in pursuit of discovering new and compelling stories for her television audience.

Emma Hannigan speaks about:

  • Storytelling for business growth – to increase sales, growth and media attention
  • Authenticity through storytelling – how to communicate more authentically
  • Women in leadership – how the stories we tell can empower others
  • Media savvy skills – an insider’s view on how to attract media attention
  • Own your story and change the world
  • Staying authentic in an Insta culture

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