Dr Tanveer Ahmed

Psychiatrist, Columnist, Keynote Speaker & MC/Host

Dr Tanveer Ahmed is a psychiatrist who treats people with fascinating and diverse mental health issues. His patients range from teenagers to adults, people under criminal charges, and those requiring assessments for fitness for workplaces. Dr Ahmed is also a published author and columnist. He contributes regularly to the Australian Financial Review with articles that explore the overlaps of mental health with business, the workplace and wider society.

In demand as a speaker by commercial and government organisations, Dr Ahmed draws on his unique professional and life experience to both entertain and educate speaks on topics that include leadership, workplace mental health, and social issues. Perhaps surprisingly, he is also an entertaining after dinner speaker who is guaranteed to grab – and maintain – attention. Dr Ahmed’s combination of journalistic and entertainment skills also make him an excellent master of ceremonies.

More about Dr Tanveer Ahmed:

Dr Ahmed has appeared on a range of media varying from 60 Minutes, Channel 7 Sunrise and ABC’s Q & A program. He has presented international news stories and co-hosted a prime time gameshow. He is the author of two books, including a migration memoir The Exotic Rissole and another about the growth of mental health problems, titled Fragile Nation.

Dr Ahmed has sat on multiple Boards including the Advertising Standards Board, Australian Multicultural Council and the Australian Medical Association. He was chosen by a Prime Minister’s Committee as one of a hundred future leaders of Australia.

Dr Tanveer Ahmed speaks about:

Mental Health/Social Issues – Tanveer is trained as a psychiatrist, but his broader mix of activities allows him to speak of the wider significance of mental health and the social issues that overlap with it. His experience as a journalist and columnist make him one of the more incisive social commentators in the country.

Leadership – An expert in changing human behaviour and the inner conflicts and habits that hamper effective change, he applies his knowledge of individuals to the organizational and group sphere in a broad range of industries. He is an expert in the notion of adaptive leadership, a key skill in today’s complex environment. His broad knowledge base and experience give him unique insights into the problems facing today’s leaders.

Motivational – Tanveer’s inspiring journey from a child of a Bangladeshi immigrant to become one of the more influential young men in the country is a great choice for an uplifting, motivational talk. His mix of career activities is unique. He is able to tailor his speech closely to the needs of your organisation.

Facilitation/MC – Tanveer’s experience in television journalism, comedy and co-hosting a game show make him an excellent facilitator or master of ceremonies in any field.

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