Dr Brad McKay

Doctor, Author, TV Presenter, Media Commentator and Keynote Speaker

Dr. Brad McKay is a distinguished medical practitioner, accomplished author, and sought-after media personality.

Since his captivating role as the host of “Embarrassing Bodies Down Under,” he has emerged as one of Australia’s leading voices in healthcare and wellness. With a substantial media presence and a reputation as a popular keynote speaker, Brad has built a strong reputation as a trusted and valuable figure across the country.

His media career includes regular appearances on “The Today Show” (Channel 9), “The Drum” (ABC), “Insight” (SBS), ABC Radio, and as host of “Catalyst” (ABC). His interests include everything from politics to pop culture, while his informed opinions have firmly established him as a trusted figure around the nation. Brad possesses the unique ability to cut through the noise and convey a straightforward approach to healthy living, well-being, and finding purpose in our ever-changing world.

His unwavering commitment to critical thinking and combating misinformation led to the publication of his book, ‘Fake Medicine: Exposing the wellness crazes, cons, and quacks costing us our health.’

As a dedicated health and science communicator, he maintains a steadfast commitment to evidence-based medicine. In addition to his television and radio contributions, he hosts a range of podcasts and webinars for fellow healthcare professionals, while also providing valuable commentary for print media journalists.

Brad’s authenticity, professional approach, humour, attention to detail, gentle demeanor, and quick-wit make him an exceptional MC, keynote speaker and entertainer. He seamlessly weaves health information, motivational messages, and corporate objectives into current events and relatable anecdotes, creating memorable and uplifting experiences for corporate functions, awards nights, social events and conferences. His amiable style allows him to communicate freely and connect with a diverse range of audiences of all sizes – from intimate gatherings to large-scale events.

More About Dr Brad McKay

Born and raised in New Zealand, Brad moved to Australia when he was a teenager and completed his medical degree at Monas University in Melbourne. He achieved a Fellowship in General Practice and has earned a Master’s in Public Health from the University of Sydney.

He currently works as a General Practitioner in Sydney and is a proponent of holistic healthcare with special interests in chronic and complex medical care, mental health, sexual health, HIV medicine, and medicinal cannabis.

He is the National Medical Director for “Removery”, an international laser tattoo removal company, on the Editorial Board for health publication “The Medical Republic”, and is the Vice President of Australian Skeptics Inc.

Brad’s innate charm, vibrant personality and down-to-earth character enables him to deliver positive and optimistic messages, even to the most challenging of audiences. His ability to simplify complex information into practical, no-nonsense, bite-sized pieces is one of his key strengths and places him in demand for seminars, workshops and conferences around the country.

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