Darren Hill

Behavioural scientist, culture change speaker, author

Darren Hill is a behavioural scientist, one of Australia’s most in-demand strategists and a trusted advisor to a range of Fortune 500 and ASX Top-20 companies. His culture change programs are currently being used in PepsiCo, McDonalds, Schweppes/Asahi, Suncorp Bank and the Australian Federal Government, to name a few.

When faced with change, do you thrive or struggle to survive? Change is nothing new, but it’s now moving at an unprecedented rate. The disruption modern businesses now face is unprecedented and require teams that are comfortable with being on the edge of uncertainty; teams that thrive in uncertainty.

Darren’s clients consistently describe him as ‘grounded and refreshingly real’ – something that’s reflected by an ongoing re-engagement rate with clients nearing 100%. This same description can also be applied to Darren’s keynote presentations.

As Executive Director at Pragmatic Thinking, a behaviour and motivation strategy company, Darren understands people like few others do. It’s this intricate knowledge of people and culture that sees him delivering high-impact keynote presentations at conferences as well as designing, delivering and implementing complex, cross-layered multi-year culture change programs inside organisations.

Darren’s a best-selling author of three books including Dealing with the Tough Stuff: How to achieve results from key conversations which has now been translated into three languages,

His work has appeared regularly across the Fairfax Group (including the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age), News Limited (The Daily Telegraph and Courier Mail), Business Insider and Smart Company. He now writes exclusively for BRW, and has appeared on The Today Show and Sky Business News.

Credible and engaging, Darren Hill is an expert at understanding people and in exciting organisations and individuals to achieve real shifts in behaviour.

Darren Hill talks about:

(r)EVOLUTION – Darren’s presentation (r)EVOLUTION is about AI (Artificial Intelligence) and it will open your mind to a world of new possibilities. Darren will equip you and your colleagues with the tools and strategies to thrive as this once-in-a-generation change takes place, of working with AI. This is an inspiring, thought provoking and highly productive presentation with enormous take home value for all attendees and leaders.

The Edge Effect – Finding success on the brink of uncertainty – this keynote takes a new look at change, the uncertainty that comes with it, and ultimately how we can succeed.

The Science of Leadership – Good leadership = good business. By focusing the efforts of your leaders on three key attributes all teams possess, you can shift the collective behaviours of your people to achieve greatness.

Toughen up – how to build a bulletproof culture in the face of unrelenting change – Change is constant and unrelenting … and getting faster. Learn how to build teams with a resilience to handle this constant buffeting.

Dealing with the Tough Stuff – As a co-author of best selling Dealing with the Tough Stuff – how to achieve results from key conversations Darren can show you practical skills on how to create a feedback culture for excellence.

Leaving a lasting impression – When you think about it, the ability to be remembered is possibly the most underrated skill in business. Leaving a lasting impression is a critical success factor regardless of whether you’re in business, a leadership position or in sales.

Darren Hill also offers Virtual Leadership Programs: 

  • Rewriting your Motivation map
  • Virtual Leader Skills
  • Adopting an Antifragile Approach
  • Creating Opportunities Out of Crisis

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