Brett Rutledge

Linguist, Communicator, Social Commentator

Brett Rutledge is an internationally renowned business linguist, strategist, and communication expert. His impressive achievements include winning the World Championship of Public Speaking, a highly competitive annual event organised by Toastmasters International. Brett competed against thousands of participants from around the world and emerged as the winner,
becoming one of only five winners outside of North America in the competition’s history at that time.

Brett’s extensive experience in linguistics and communication is a game-changer for businesses and individuals looking to improve their leadership, culture, and brand. He understands that language is universal, but its meaning is not, so he helps client’s control and contextualise their language for maximum impact.  With his unique blend of irreverent humour and insightful analysis, Brett is an engaging and enlightening speaker and social commentator.

Key messaging:

Communicate ideas, raise awareness, challenge existing narratives, foster understanding, evoke emotions, spark meaningful conversations, and inspire change.

There is nothing more important to any organisation than language. Language allows us to express what we think but also shapes our thinking. It’s not only the tool we use to help someone understand something; it’s also the tool we use to understand something. That’s why we say if the language is wrong, so is everything else. When we struggle to articulate or explain something, we don’t fully understand it.

Words can’t be relied upon to universally describe what we’re trying to say. They can’t be used as labels. Organisations and leaders must take the time to explain what they mean. We must explain our context to other people because if we don’t, they’ll bring their own.

Unfortunately, people don’t explain context very well. There is a tendency to assume that everyone intuitively understands the words we are using to describe something, but even the most basic words will have multiple interpretations. Oftentimes, even the person using those words doesn’t truly understand what they mean by them. And if they don’t understand them, why would anyone else?

The job of a linguist is to help you articulate and communicate what you really mean. Linguists help you take control of your context. They help you understand the importance of language and how to unlock its power.

Brett Rutledge is a former World Champion of Public Speaking and Australia’s foremost business linguist. Spend 30 minutes with him, and you will never think about business or communication the same way again.


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