Simon Banks

Author, Artist, Keynote Speaker & MC

Simon Banks is an author and artist, a sought-after speaker and conference MC. Drawing on his experience working with corporates and his background in the arts, he brings a unique blend of energy, creativity, focus and fun that draws out creative, innovative, high-performance thinking.

Simon has facilitated over 1,000 successful events across Europe, Asia, America and Australia, including conferences; innovation hackathons; visual communication programs, and creativity and design thinking workshops. He's worked to bring fresh thinking and innovation out of teams in companies that include: EY, Chevron, BHP Billiton, Sportsbet, Suncorp, NAB, Commonwealth Bank, Macquarie University, The QLD Government, and Volkswagen, to name a few.

More about Simon Banks:

Simon is the director of VisualFunk, a company that has a passion for enabling people to unlock their potential to achieve personal, team and organisational growth by thinking and acting creatively. He was previously with one of the UK's leading learning and development companies before working for training companies in Australia as a facilitator, so he can easily connect with any content you want to bring to life.

Simon is also a talented professional artist who has taught Visual Arts at university, TAFE and primary level, lectured for three years at the National Gallery of England and developed programs for institutions such as The Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney.

Simon is the author of A Thousand Little Lightbulbs: How to kickstart a culture of Innovation in your Organisation.

Simon Banks as an MC:

If you're after an MC with professionalism, a can-do attitude, creative flair and all the vim and vigour your audience expects, then Simon is the perfect choice, whether for a roadshow, an awards night or a conference. Transcending the dry and dull, he makes sure your audience has a great time, while staying on point and keeping the energy high. No dropping off to sleep in the back row!

From designing the whole day's agenda, to assisting with presentation preparation, development of interactive programmes and breakout sessions - whatever you need - Simon will work through it with you and come up with a bespoke solution.

He'll help you create a unique function, one that will engage your people not just for the event, but for a long time afterwards too.

Simon Banks as a Keynote Speaker:

If you're out to nurture innovation, Simon is the ultimate keynote speaker. He knows what it takes to unleash creative, high level thinking and brings each presentation to life with brilliant drawings, cartoons and illustrations that capture key messages, fire up the imaginations of his audiences and encourages them to step outside their comfort zones.

Simon speaks about:

Turbocharging Your Imagination: Develop curiosity and deliver a constant stream of fresh thinking and great ideas, without taking off in a gypsy caravan or roasting your own coffee from single origin, hand-picked beans.

Inspiring Your Team: Enable your team to thrive and fulfill their innovation potential so they see more possibilities than ever before.

Shifting Your Culture: Create a culture where people and innovation thrive, along with brilliant ideas, market-leading thinking, products and results.

Developing Essential Innovation Tools: From asking great questions through to simple prototyping and pitching, learn essential tools to nurture a culture of innovation.

Taming Your Ogre: How to tame the Ogre that tells you you're not creative, and how to keep it away while you bring your most brilliant self to work.

Putting People at the Heart of Your Innovation Strategy: Your innovation motto must include these three words: People, People, People. 

Client testimonials

This is the very best program I personally have ever experienced. Thanks so much Simon, I believe you have found your calling, not just in art and facilitation but bringing a whole bunch of people together that would not normally associate. I couldn't rave about you highly enough. Thanks again for a wonderful experience.

BlueScope Steel

This is the second time that we have worked with Simon and once again it was a great success. Simon was the main facilitator at our recent Planning Conference and he was excellent. He was very professional, with the perfect blend of knowledge, experience and humour.


Wow! What an impact our 2 days with Simon has had on our team. The team are constantly thinking outside the square for business improvement ideas and 'acting' more creatively. This is an absolute strength to this team and Sanitarium, and we are already seeing the business results. Well done and we can't wait for our next session in April.


Ongoing value of the training we participated in with you has been amazing! And the few of us who were a part of the original training group are keen to introduce the other members of our team to the experience we all rave about. Thanks once again for an amazing experience, the best training I have ever done.

Mission Australia

Simon - you have showed professionalism, skill, creativity and great, great, great humour at both conferences you have facilitated. Watching you captivate an audience is just great.


I cannot speak highly enough of Simon. He was great at setting the atmosphere and enabling us to connect with our team mates. He kept everyone on their toes and had some great ideas on ice breakers and games without anyone feeling embarrassed about being involved.


The feedback was fantastic from the conference. Thanks so much for your work with our sessions Simon. You were exceptionally professional, fun and really nailed the brief

Flight Centre

Your energy, style and humour was very engaging and enabled the whole team to get in touch with their amazing creativity, to have fun and to step outside their comfort zone. Thank you for making it seem effortless, I really do appreciate how much hard work goes into delivering something that works so well

St George Community Housing

Thanks again for all your work over the duration of our conference. I had nothing but positive feedback from everyone. Your laughs and communication skills were excellent. You were great at getting everyone involved and ensuring that everyone felt comfortable with what we were doing. Having a laugh with the group eased you into working with everyone for the day. We all had a fantastic time.

Bovis Lend Lease

Everyone thought you were great! Your session was fantastic, fast paced and highly interactive and took a different approach to the exploring creativity and innovation with a purpose relevant for the HR team. Most of all you were loads of fun.

Western Power