Pauline Nguyen

Award Winning Author, Spiritual Entrepreneur & International Speaker

Pauline Nguyen has survived all odds to become one of Australia's most successful entrepreneurs, a best-selling author and award-winning businesswoman.

The owner of the world's most awarded Vietnamese restaurant, Red Lantern in Sydney, Pauline Nguyen's commercial process was officially recognised in 2012 when she won the Australian Telstra Business Award for Medium Business.

An accomplished author, Pauline won Newcomer Writer of the Year at the Australian Book Industry Award in 2008. Her memoir, Secrets of the Red Lantern, was critically acclaimed around the world and appeared on numerous bestseller lists. Pauline's first foray in stage theatre, The Serpents Table was voted favourite show by audiences, critics and organisers alike at the 2013 Sydney Festival.

Pauline Nguyen's determination to succeed can be traced back to her childhood. Before she was five years old, Pauline and her family escaped Vietnam in 1977 via boat and were forced to spend a year in a Thai refugee camp, before eventually settling in Cabramatta in Sydney's outer west.

Her father, a harsh disciplinarian, not only regularly beat his children, but forced them to work from as young as four years old. There was no respite at school either, with Pauline and equally famous brother Luke, expected to top the class in every subject.

Pauline has spoken at multiple writers' festivals around the world, she has appeared on television and radio, and has been written about in various reputable publications.

Pauline has a distinctive insight into the minds of individuals and businesses alike gained from her unique life experiences. Her book Grace Under Fire - The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur, shares crucial skills of responding positively and resourcefully under pressure - so they can become even more kick-arse in business and in life.

A powerful keynote speaker, Pauline is also a disruptor, questioning existing paradigms and throwing them out the door. She believes that too many people are sleepwalking and need to wake up and participate in life now. With power, grit and determination, Pauline hands entrepreneurs, executives and business owners the tools to be daring, successful and truly fulfilled - to live life deliberately and not by default.

Pauline's inspiring keynote 'The Red Lantern story - From Extreme Adversity to Success' will wake you up. Pauline talks on the controversial subject of spiritual entrepreneurship and the invaluable skill of mindfulness, presence and meditation - an ancient art still so powerful today which helps to reduce stress, overwhelm, fear and anxiety. This is where magic happens.

Pauline Nguyen speaks about:

  • The Red Lantern story - From Extreme Adversity to Success
  • From extreme adversity to success
  • Small to Medium Business
  • Leadership, customer service, company culture and service standards
  • Grace Under Fire: Self Mastery and Mindset
  • How to take control of your thoughts and emotions to stay cool under pressure and show up as your best self
  • Thought Leader and Commentator in the Space of Spiritual Entrepreneurship
  • Finding inner peace and happiness amongst the chaos and confusion
  • Thought Leader and Commentator in Resilience and Courage
  • My personal story of overcoming adversity and eventually finding success and fulfilment in business and in life
  • Work Life Balance is Bullshit
  • Busting the myth about the unattainable
  • Client testimonials

    Long after Pauline Nguyen leaves the room, her existence will baffle you, while her insights will agitate you. If you are not careful, her purpose will mystify you. Her focus will distract you. Her energy will overwhelm you. Her history will exhaust you. And, her journey will scare you….From a relentless furnace, Pauline has emerged a formidable human and a redoubtable woman whose mind, body, and spirit are so well fused, that she epitomises triumph-through-adversity, and she personifies grace-through-suffering. Therefore, if you are blessed to be drawn into Pauline’s orbit, hover there a while, because you will be recharged, amazed, delighted, and enthralled.

    Jonar Nader, Educator, Consultant, and Author of 'How to Lose Friends & Infuriate People’.

    Pauline is a mighty force of nature. A highly successful entrepreneur with a powerful message the world greatly needs to hear. Her leadership and wisdom is truly inspiring

    Siimon Reynolds

    Pauline’s amazing achievements mean she is well equipped to deliver inspiration and practical tips on a number of topics including leadership, innovation, delegation, customer service, identifying a brand message and driving it hard to set a business apart within their respective industry, and most importantly the art of failing and having the strength and courage to rise back up again. I would highly recommend Pauline as a keynote speaker for any event where you are looking to engage the audience and inspire passion and energy whilst providing them with practical takeouts they can apply to their own business and life

    Georgia Nides, NSW Crusader, League of Extraordinary Women and founder of Zoii Pty Ltd

    Rarely have I observed in an individual such a pragmatic business sense balanced by integrity, honesty and respect. In my estimation, Pauline typifies the archetype of the independent business-woman driven by a clear sense of purpose. Fueled by this mission, she’s helped shape a business and profile that is at the very top of its niche. While, at the same time, creating and nurturing a workplace environment where employees act like owners. Her message is always one of profound insight and revelation

    Alexi Neocleous, Marketing Bump

    Pauline is one of the most beautiful, humble, kind hearted but at the same time gritty and truly authentic people I have ever met. When I have heard her speak it has rocked me to the core. I love her approach to life and business and I love that she’s not afraid to stand up for what she believes in, fight the good fight and make some serious positive changes in this world

    Lisa Messenger, Founder and Editor in Chief, Renegade Collective