Kieran Flanagan

Change-maker, Thought Leader and Keynote Speaker

Kieran Flanagan is a Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of the Impossible InstituteTM, a strategic think-tank that was created to Make Positive Change & Make Change PositiveTM!

An energetic, innovative and fluid thinker, Kieran is also an inspiring leadership speaker. She has spoken to audiences across almost every industry sector and as diverse as the United Nations in Singapore (as part of a social change think tank working to end human trafficking), to innovation teams for Coca Cola. She has also delivered change-making presentations at leadership forums and education summits in Australia and around the world.

Regardless of her audience, Kieran leaves people feeling filled with the confidence to be more creative, more adaptable and unable to "un-think" what they have just learned. She gives her audiences the tools and techniques to solve problems more creatively. She also gives them new perspectives about themselves and their teams, in doing so, helping them access their inner genius and develop adaptive expertise.

Behavioural researchers now realise that while brain training improves our mental "hardware" we also need to update our cognitive "software". This is where Kieran delivers extraordinary results for her clients through keynote speeches, training workshops and consulting.

Kieran is a passionate advocate for teaching individuals how to change the way they think and helping organisations change the results they produce for the positive.

Kieran Flanagan speaks about:

  • Unlock your Genius: Discover your strengths and unleash your unique competitive advantage
  • The Solution Mindset: How creative problem solving techniques increase resilience & engagement
  • Success by Design: Why design beats discipline and motivation when it comes to performance
  • Future Smart: How to upskill your thinking today and be ready for tomorrow
  • Lead on Purpose: The four stands that help you stand out!
  • Genius: How to unlock the genius in every team member and drive collaboration
  • Change PositiveTM: Do more than manage change... lead it! (Co-Keynote with Dan Gregory)

Client testimonials

She was funny, content rich and relatable. Her examples came from real world experience (not text books) and above all, our audience responded extremely well.

Business Blueprint

In 12 years of running SWB, Kieran is the first speaker to receive a 100% approval rating from all delegates!


Delegates were literally buzzing!

Minister for Tourism

Kieran’s insight and depth of experience across the ever-evolving commercial landscape is second to none. (She) works at the vanguard of business evolution and brings her audiences a rare opportunity to grow their own understanding of the skills and competencies we all need to cultivate for today and tomorrow.

Sustaining Women in Business

Kieran’s ability to create solutions to complicated, political problems is extraordinary.

United Nations Singapore