Stu Atkins

Technology Expert, Presenter & Trainer

Stu Atkins is an expert on tech trends, digital disruption, social media and online sales and marketing. A professional presenter and trainer, he challenges audiences to think outside the square and arms them with relevant tips to better prepare and build their market position.

As a result of Stu Atkin's presentations, audiences become more aware of their industries' challenges and trends, more able to prepare for the ever-present disruptive forces and ready to invest their energies to remain ahead of the curve.

Following training with Stu Atkins, audiences are able to achieve better online presence through social and professional channels, ultimately delivering more engagement, loyalty, customers and profitability.

An experienced keynote speaker, Stu Atkins has presented to over 4,500 business professionals across Australia, NZ, China and the United States. His style is engaging and entertaining, professional and empowering. His presentations are always tailored to meet the specific needs of the audience.

Stu Atkins speaks about:

  • Digital - then and now, and into the future (designed to highlight the rapid pace of change with projections relevant to particular industries)
  • Tech trends - hardware evolution. Where have we come from and where are we going
  • Disruption - who's coming, what can you do to avoid being disrupted, current examples (Uber, Tinder, Airbnb, Happn)
  • Social Media - simple tips to build a better profile (to become more local than the locals)

Stu Atkins also delivers training sessions on social networking - the new 'word of mouth' that small to medium business often neglect to refine despite its potential to build new relationships and profitability.

In this half-day session, the audience will be empowered with key take outs including:

  • Ask - Don't Shout: using word of mouth to your advantage
  • Multi Loading platforms: Using one tool to speak to all platforms
  • Becoming more local than the locals: Finding your local voice to engage on a meaningful level
  • Targeted marketing for next to nothing: Targeting your business to the most relevant audience for minimal cost
  • How to win business from the web: 5 tools to generate additional income from the online channel

Client testimonials

I had the pleasure of attending a recent corporate Roadshow across Australia and Stu Atkins was the first speaker. He delivered a 45 minute presentation on Disruption to large audiences and to say I was impressed is an understatement. Stu is engaging and entertaining and tells a story rather than simply delivering content. He had the audience completely focussed from the outset and balanced the presentation with facts, story telling and humorous exercises which were all perfectly executed. Stu is a well rounded Speaker and one I would recommend without hesitation.

Jacqui Cooper, 5 time Winter Olympian & professional Public Speaker

Informative, engaging and at times somewhat confronting! As one of our keynote speakers at the Eview Group PB2016 National Conference, Stuart delivered an energy packed presentation filled with quality information and humour. Stu’s likeable character and presenting style connected instantly with the audience; we have no hesitation in recommending Stu for future industry events.

Eview Group

Stu has presented to many of our key clients in all capital cities plus a number of major regional hubs. Stu is always flexible, professional and able to adapt to any audience to ensure a successful outcome. Stu's insights into technology and disruption are exceptional and in every presentation he has rated at or above 92% for Customer Satisfaction (either Very Good or Excellent, as rated in real time at each event), which indicates how effective he is as a Presenter. I'd have no hesitation in recommending him to any customer or industry.

REA Group