Lisa McInnes-Smith

Acclaimed keynote speaker, master of audience participation

Lisa McInnes-Smith is one of Australia's most highly regarded conference keynote speakers and the first person outside the US to be inducted into the international Speaker Hall of Fame - the highest accolade in the speaking world. The National Speakers Association (NSA) awarded Lisa the Council of Peers Award for Excellence (CPEA) for her extraordinary gift to communicate, connect and transform.

A master of audience participation, Lisa's dynamic, engaging and audience-involving presentations inspire and motivate audiences to be the best they can be. Her expertise lies in propelling groups, teams and leaders to new levels of achievement.

With a tertiary background in Sports Psychology and Human Performance, Lisa's focus is on peak performance: what it takes to shift an attitude, shift direction, shift behaviour or shift outcomes. Her fast-paced keynote presentations take her audience on a journey, an unforgettable experience where they are challenged to embrace a new way of thinking about, and seeing, their current world. They are touched and inspired to grow.

Lisa speaks regularly throughout Australia, Asia, NZ and the USA to a wide range of audiences including company directors, sales teams, executives, service providers, entrepreneurs and young achievers.

She has presented to more than one million adults across twenty-two countries and shared the stage with two American Presidents, one Vice President and a host of celebrity entertainers, including the late Ray Charles. She is also the author of seven best-selling books.

More about Lisa McInnes-Smith:

Lisa was raised in a family of high achievers in the sporting world and grew up observing what separates achievers from the rest. She was determined to take what she learned about peak sporting performance and apply it to people in all walks of life. Lisa set herself a goal to positively impact the lives of one million Australian teenagers - a goal she achieved in just eight and a half years. During this time, business people and corporations began embracing her message, recognising its impact on the attitudes and mindsets of their teams.

Lisa McInnes-Smith talks about:

  • The Art of Stepping Up - Growth and development in business often comes with pressure to improve productivity, empower key teams and encourage every individual to become more effective with less direct management. It takes individuals that are self-motivated, have a huge desire to perform and a strong belief in their own capability. Lisa McInnes Smith inspires people to move beyond their current capacity to a place without limits. She brings fresh insight into the simple steps people can take to 'Step Up' within their work and lives.
  • Lead, Follow or Get Out of The Way - Leadership exists at all levels of life: government, business, family and community. The best leaders are self-aware, clear in purpose, courageous and decisive - all attributes of an individual's spirit and all learnable. This session is about the heart of Leadership, and you will learn that Leadership is also a choice.
  • Building Teams That Stick the Course - Long term significant achievement cannot happen until a team of people unite to take on a challenge. In a fun-charged and practical atmosphere Lisa will demonstrate how your team members can inspire others and deliver long-term positive outcomes, become better team players (and potential leaders) and build on their strengths.
  • The Women's Room - "The health and well-being of women determines the health and strength of a nation." Lisa helps other women build significant careers, successful families and loving relationships, encouraging them to find purpose and passion in their everyday lives.

Client testimonials

Your presentation was first class, thoroughly professional and perhaps most important of all the participants are still talking about it.

Hoechst Australia

Extremely impressed with the way you were able to relate to so many different personalities, as well as have them so keen to participate.

Mobil Oil Australia

Your ability to keep the participants interested and involved and your approach to make learning a fun experience contributed greatly to the success of the event.

Lufthansa German Airlines

The response to your presentation has been overwhelming. The impact on both business and the personal lives of our people astounded me.

Nestle Australia

You were powerful, passionate and engaging. You are one of a kind.

ACP Magazines

The feedback from our Leaders has been unbelievable. We often receive positive feedback but the enormity and scale from this presentation has been outstanding.

Neways (International) Australia

(Lisa was received) amazingly well...the staff definitely look forward to attending these sessions now.

Coles Group Limited

The staff loved her, her enthusiasm and her messages. She totally engaged the audience, was humorous and engaging.

Firbank Grammar School

Lisa was received extremely well, people were full of life after her presentation and flocked to thank her.

SDA (Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees Association)