Dan Collins

Former world champion athlete, high-performance coach

Former Olympic medallist Dan Collins is a world leader in developing high performance environments for elite sporting organisations.

Dan is a four-time Olympian with silver and gold medals as well as 28 Australian titles in sprint kayaking. The attitude and experiences that led to his personal sporting success also led to him becoming the creator, director and primary coach at The Structure of Excellence. Dan now helps individuals, teams and organisations to reach their full potential by giving them greater choices, new tools and an awareness of superior mindsets required to confront life's challenges and be successful.

Dan Collins is a visionary leader in the fields of individual, team and organisational performance and health and wellbeing and has served as a high performance consultant to some of the world's most elite sporting organisations and Australia's leading businesses. These include Ernst & Young, AMP, QLD Police (SERT) and Australia Post.

Dan's methodology has been tested and honed at the leadership level as a sports administrator and high performance manager with the NRL premiership-winning Roosters, Cronulla Sharks, The Australian Institute of Sport and the Brisbane Lions AFL club.

As high performance consultant for the International Rugby Board from 2004 to 2009, Dan helped to drive a $90 million investment in T2 Countries.

Educated through Griffith University, The Coaching Institute, Dan Collins is also a certified NLP and EDISC practitioner.

The powerful body of knowledge available in Dan's training, keynotes and coaching is a result of over 20 years in the elite sporting industry, research and study of behavioural sciences and life experiences.

As he has already done with elite sporting organisations and leading businesses, Dan will help you improve efficiency, focus on what is important, and learn what it will take for you to be a high performing team with a culture of excellence.

Dan Collins talks about:

  • Building a culture of accountability
  • Psychology of performance
  • Body-brain health and performance
  • Developing a high-performing team

Client testimonials

Dan Collins is one of those rare speakers who 'walks his talk'. I've been fortunate enough to see Dan present live and he had the audience in the palm of his hand . . . engaging, powerful and a solid message that applies to business and life.

Rob Redenbach

The message was brilliant. Dan’s delivery was very clear and easy to follow and with his stories to help link his message to practical situations it certainly engaged the audience. I actually gained a lot out of his presentation yesterday.

Jowat Universal Adhesives Australia Pty Ltd

Dan has a comfortable presentation style and you could see him relax when using some of his experiences and they were relevant and humorous (appropriate). We didn’t have a lot of questions; however I’ve never seen us all take notes as much as any other presenter we’ve had. I would take this positively though as it means we all took some valuable points away with us.

Qld Funerals, InvoCare

Dan has excellent presentation skills. He uses the floor space well and interacts with his slides to reinforce the content of his lecture. He modulates the tone of his voice at the right times to maximise the impact of the content he is delivering. The aspect of engaging the audience content and analogies was the highlight of Dan's presentation. From the outset, he captured the audience with personal as well as general anecdotes that were closely linked to the formal lecture content.

Griffith University

Dan is very energetic and enthusiastic in his style of presentation and he always appears to be well prepared and knowledgeable on the topics. On the several occasions he has addressed our groups he has quickly been able to connect with the audience. He uses his experience of teamwork and goal setting in a simple manner to get the audience's attention at an early stage. Dan always allows the opportunity for questions and discussion and actively encourages participants. If the discussion heads off topic he is very adept at steering it back in the right direction without it appearing to be forced.

Continental Tyres of Australia Pty. Ltd

Dan is an energetic, easy to listen to and engaging presenter. Dan's stories of his own successes and failures were told in way that demonstrated insight and the ability to reflect and learn. I enjoyed his "no excuse" policy and will take this back to my work place to ensure we do not have a victim mentality. Dan created a comfortable group dynamic where some great discussion flowed.

Trilby Misso Lawyers

Dan will give your team the skills to set themselves on the path to better things.

Ricky Stuart, NRL and NSW Origin Coach

Through your coaching I have implemented in workplace a theme based on our discussions. Happy team members - happy customers. I drive recognition and reward to team members daily, creating a fun environment with the team when they are on lunch and tea breaks. I also choose my words so much better now to drive motivation and performance – it’s changed my results significantly.

Woolworths, Mt Gambier SA.