Wayne Herbert

Diversity & Disability Expert, LGBTIQ Advocate, MC & Speaker

Wayne Herbert is passionate about human rights. He has devoted his career to ensuring the talents of people with a disability are recognised and that people with a disability are able to fully participate in the workplace and community. As a gay man and deputy chair of the ACT Government LGBTIQ Advisory Council, Wayne is also passionate about advocating for the rights of the LGBTIQ community.

A solutions based thought leader who is renowned for being outspoken, Wayne Herbert is in demand as a keynote speaker, presenter, and MC. Humorous and thought-provoking, he draws on his own experiences to put the spotlight on issues facing people with disability. Wayne has spoken throughout Australia on issues of disability, diversity, and human resources.

More about Wayne Herbert:

Wayne is experienced in all aspects of client relations, human resources, and business administration. He has a keen interest in social and employment policy that ensures the talents and expertise of people with disability are recognised in the workforce and community more broadly. For many years, Wayne has worked within the Disability Employment Services Program (DES and prior to that within the former Disability Employment Network (DEN), where he witnessed the transformative difference well-paid employment can make in an individual's life. Wayne has consulted to Australian Public Service (APS) agencies on issues facing people with disability.

Wayne has been appointed to the Disability Employment Working Group chaired by the Australian Public Service Commission; he has been appointed deputy chair of the ACT Government LGBTIQ Advisory Council and is a member of the ACT Government Disability Reference Group. He was on the board of directors for Physical Disability Australia.

Wayne has published a book entitled Anecdotes of a Disabled Gay.

Wayne Herbert talks about:

  • Disability 
  • Sexuality 
  • LGBTIQ+ Issues 
  • Workplace Diversity 
  • Disability Employment Services 
  • Disability Policy 
  • Human Resources 
  • Workplace culture - the importance of inclusion

Client testimonials

I highly recommend Wayne as a speaker and motivator. He provided a funny, warm, confronting keynote address for the launch of our social enterprise accelerator. He challenged my audience (and me!) to think about the barriers that we unwittingly create that excludes others. I think Wayne would be perfect for any organisation that wants to move beyond the mundane discussions of accessibility and accommodation to genuine cultural change.

University of Canberra

On Monday, the Disability Employee Network marked International Day of People with Disability with a great event. Guest speakers Wayne Herbert and Jessica May were brave and generous in sharing their stories, offering humorous and thought-provoking insight into issues faced by people with disability.

Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet

Wayne is not just an advocate for inclusion, he understands first-hand what the issues are and how they impact people with disability and marginalised groups such within the community.

ACT Inclusion Council