Troy Hazard

Hands on business lessons from the edge

Troy Hazard's experiences in the business world have allowed him valuable insight into the workings of organizations and the minds of customers. He founded and nurtured ten businesses over two decades, during which time he experienced and survived everything from financial loss to stunning success. It's these hands on experiences and the important lessons learnt, that he uses as the basis of his speeches to audiences and consultations with business leaders in Australia and around the world.

Troy Hazard has consulted to some of the world's leading franchise brands including Subway, Baskin Robbins, Cartridge World and PoolWerx. His  business talents have  earned him so much international respect that he was elected by the world's foremost business leaders for the role of Global President of the Entrepreneurs' Organisation -  the premier, peer to peer, global community, network and resource for entrepreneurs, with more than 6,600 members worldwide in approximately 108 chapters and 38 countries. Add to that fact that he has been a franchisee, a franchisor and co-host of the business TV programs "Inside Franchising" and "Don't Come Monday" in Australia and you've pretty much got a one stop shop for business experience, information and real life examples.

Troy Hazard speaks about:

Relationship marketing

Do you really have a good relationship with your customers? How can you tell? In this presentation, Troy will uncover the truth about customer relationships and how you can maximize sales from the customers you already have.

This presentation will include:

  • How to get ready for market and plan a solid relationship marketing approach
  • The 3 naked truths about your customers, and your relationship with them
  • How to get more from your existing customer base by building better relationships
  • How to attract new business through your existing customer base
  • How to deliver the RIGHT marketing message
  • How to set up a relationship marketing programme in your business

Leadership Lessons  - How to guide your staff through tough times

Leading people is tough, particularly in tough times. In this session, Troy will explain why he believes leaders are not born, they evolve. He will uncover the 4 key character traits of a good leader and demonstrate how to maximise the impact on those you lead.

This presentation will include:

  • The 4 key personality traits of a true leader, from a true leader
  • How to lead in truth, not fear
  • How to hire, motivate and develop good staff in tough times
  • How to manage fast staff growth while maintaining control of your team
  • How to have your staff work with you, not for you
  • Learn that in leadership, there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance
  • Learn how to be aware of your leadership evolution

FutureProofing Your Business

In his presentation, Troy will highlight lessons to prepare your business for a better future. He will share stories of success, and he will also share his own personal experiences of what happens when you stop looking to the future, and get stuck in the past.

This presentation will include:

  • Opportunity or obstacle. How to make the most of the current economic environment, and prepare for the future
  • How to break down business barriers created by bad belief systems
  • How to develop your own personal vision for the future
  • How to drive your business into the future, not into the ground
  • How to get off Struggle Street and onto the speedway to success
  • Back to the future - How back to basics can lead you into a better future
  • Change or die

Client testimonials

Troy is a master at what he does; skillfully and patiently bringing you into a heightened awareness before bringing his point's home, demonstrating his feel for and command of his audience -- not to mention an impeccable sense of timing.

Practical Protocol

Troy is one of the most dynamic and exciting speakers I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. He doesn't waste time with 'filler' material like some speakers - he goes straight to the heart! He was dynamic, informative and provided great take home value.

Bank of Houston

Hazard is a sensation. Our members can't get enough of him. Troy Hazard is one of the best speakers we've ever had. He's crisp, funny and smart. A true winner.

CEO Entrepreneurs Organisation

Troy did an outstanding job of bringing our global team together and getting them to think laterally. There has been a buzz around the world and the event has been noted as one of our most successful and highest rated ever!

Corporate Division Flight Centre Limited

Troy gets it. He is able to tailor his messaging appropriately – without all of the fluff that turns people off. His energetic style engages the group, whether it is large or small, and his delivery is effective as he gets straight to the point and drives it home. As an event manager, I love working with Troy as he takes the time to understand our objectives and is then able to just roll with it.

Entrepreneurs’ Organization

Troy’s Keynote provided outstanding content, highly relevant to the audience. His delivery style was highly dynamic and created the perfect balance of business and motivation.

Choice Hotels

Troy Hazard stands out as one of the few speakers in this world who truly understands franchising. His depth of experience in the category is without question.

John O Brien - Past Chairman World Franchise Council, Past Chairman Asia Pacific Franchise Council, Chairman Franchise Council of Australia