Trevor Hendy AM

Former World Ironman Champion, team building speaker

Trevor Hendy is a former professional athlete who won several World Ironman Championships in surf life saving and now specialises in helping people discover their own answers for why they haven't yet created the life they truly want. Today, Trevor is a leader in the field of Personal Truth and Wellness and works as a life coach, mentor, author and wholistic personal trainer.

Trevor was unchallenged as 'the Greatest Ironman in the World' and with his very laid-back attitude and passion for helping others, he became one of Australia's most popular identities.

During his many years of intense training and travelling the world on the professional circuit, Trevor learnt to constantly find his way through the most challenging of ocean situations in the most pressure cooker of moments. This ability to negotiate his way through uncontrollable and unpredictable conditions showed him as a man who could complete any task thrown at him.

It was later on, when Trevor starting coaching and speaking to large groups, that he revealed that no matter what was dished up in front of him, his personal mantra was always, 'These are my perfect conditions'. Many who have attended his talks and workshops have walked away relieved, having realised for themselves that when it comes to any type of personal change or challenge, ‘the conditions are always perfect'. It doesn't matter what is thrown at you, it matters most how you deal with it.

Trevor is an inductee in the Surf Life Saving, Gold Coast and Australian Sporting Halls of Fame and the World Life Saving Hall of Fame. In 2000, he was awarded a Member of the Order of Australia for his services to the community and the sport of Surf Life Saving.

Trevor Hendy is now highly sought after as a corporate, sporting and life coach, mentor, author and speaker. He is also renowned problem solver specialising in conflict resolution and works regularly with large corporate organisations to inspire and unite their teams with an emphasis on creating a wave of success and riding it. His client list includes some of the world's sporting and business elite. He specialises in connecting with his clients at a deep enough level to find the personal negatives holding them back and to unleash the passion they need to 'go the whole way.

In September 2012, he launched his website to share his own story, adventures and wisdom and to play his part in uniting everyone else who has a passion to do the same. Trevor is also working on television, radio and Internet content to share what he and others are learning along the way and to give back to the community that has given so much to him.

When Trevor Hendy retired from professional sport in 1998 after so many years as a champion, the sporting world was stunned. Now he is achieving equal success by helping others to achieve their own personal pinnacles.

Trevor Hendy talks about:

Trevor speaks, from experience, about living a life of accomplishment, balance and deep personal satisfaction, not to mention climbing the highest heights.

  • Thinking like a winner
  • Releasing negative thoughts
  • Inspiring and uniting teams
  • Conflict resolution

Client testimonials

Trevor Hendy was a guest speaker at my monthly Business Excellence Breakfasts held in Tweed and Gold Coast several months ago. The presenters are the best in Australia and many are of international status. The impact Trevor made on the large audience of 100 leading business people was incredibly powerful … He held their attention from his opening words with his inspirational stories that made a real connection with the audience. No other speaker over the years has made this brilliant an impact to this mix of businessman. He has a speaking style that relates well to any group and makes a real connection with his audience. Trevor is a real champion who has the gift of being able to transfer his methodology of success to an audience that will leave with the motivation to strive for success and overcome any hurdles.

Business Excellence Events

I had the pleasure of hearing Trevor Hendy speak to an audience of mostly women, about his mission in life now to empower people to learn from their mistakes and walk through their difficulties to discover who they really are. This was Australia’s legend of sport; the greatest Ironman in the world; the pride of Australian Surf Lifesaving – standing before us showing a soft side, an endearing vulnerability that won our hearts as he revealed that despite all the fame and glory in his life, it didn’t make him happy. Let me tell you, Trevor won many hearts at this seminar. He exudes love and passion for what he’s doing – empowering people to maximize their human potential. Whilst his story covers love and values, it started with awareness: that his life was no longer fulfilling; something was missing – and he tuned in, truly inspirational.

Di Gorry, Author

We engaged Trevor to run a motivational session for us in the early stages of some training for our retention team. Trevor truly delivered to brief and then some. He was energetic, enthusiastic, focused and present. He engaged with the entire audience and made the content relevant and meaningful. The participants were all overwhelmed with his honestly, humbleness, great sense of humour and motivating stories. Indeed I found myself questioning my own practices and checking in with my own guiding principles as a result. His topic was relevant and Trevor was really able to make the content relevant to the audience – tapping into the brief he was given, but also adding commentary that made it his own. We all engaged with Trevor and were enthralled with his ability to make us want to do and be better. Trevor was generous with his time, gave the team the upmost respect by preparing and meeting them in their world. I enjoyed every minute of the session and found myself wanting to listen for longer.

AUSTAR Entertainment Pty Limited

I have the pleasure of managing a team of sales professionals from diverse backgrounds and geographies. Our team members consist of both male & female, from the CBD of cities, to little country towns and from all different walks of life. Annually I bring the team together to provide business updates, essential training and networking opportunities … Trevor’s presentation was engaging, motivational and entertaining ... In delivering the story of his journey to becoming the Australian Ironman Champion his message to the team was clear, if you are willing to commit to the hard work and make the sacrifices necessary, then you can really achieve anything you put your mind too … The passion, honesty and openness of his presentation ensured his message and moral to the story was clearly articulated. Trevor was very generous with his time, staying post the formalities and speaking personally with those looking for the opportunity.

Commonwealth Bank, Regional Business and Private Banking