Tom Nash

DJ, Quadruple Amputee & Keynote Speaker

Tom Nash had both his legs and arms amputated at the age of 19, the result of contracting the deadly Meningococcal Septicemia. Not that he let that stop him from achieving his goals for life. Today, he is a successful Australian DJ, a business entrepreneur, and an in demand speaker who has engaged audiences worldwide - including an incredible 5,000 listeners who were riveted by his TedX.

Tom's unique talent for captivating people with his personal story, his dark sense of humour and his incredible wit are fused into grounded philosophies for life that he offers up to audiences. Inevitably, they walk away entertained, inspired, and deep in thought about their own approach to life and the universe.

More about Tom Nash:

Tom Nash had just started university and was leading the typical life of a teenager when he was struck down by illness. By the time he asked for help from his sister, he could barely walk to the front door.

Tom had contracted Meningococcal Disease, a deadly blood poisoning with a high mortality rate. His family was told that he had a 10% chance of survival chance, at best and he agreed to be part of a trial of a drug called ‘Activated Protein C'. That drug ended up being crucial in saving his life.

Tom lost both of his arms at the elbow, both of his legs below the knee, the use of one kidney, half of his liver, and scars on the lion's share of his remaining body. For a year after his amputations, as well as various other operations including skin grafts, Tom spent up to five hours of every day of his life, having bandages torn off most of the remaining skin on his body, so that his wounds could be cleaned and re-bandaged.

After the immense task of recovery and relearning every action he'd ever cultivated, Tom never returned to his old job waiting tables. Instead he set new ambitions like learning how to play guitar with hooks, starting a lucrative entertainment business, selling out international speaking engagements, and cooking Korean BBQ with his bare (metal) hands.

Following a slew of refreshing media engagements and keynotes with the likes of SBS, Sydney Morning Herald, Sky News and Buzzfeed, it wasn't long before TEDx were after a slice. Over 5,000 listeners embarked on the sagacious and humorous journey with Tom at a TEDx in Sydney 2019; a testament to Tom's knack for storytelling, his keen observations, and the life he has created in the face of overwhelming mental and physical obstacles have proven more valuable than the limbs he lost.

Tom Nash feels the same way about pity as he does about top knots: not interested. His unapologetic attitude towards dealing with adversity renders Tom deserving of the platform he so eloquently uses, speaking openly and with sincerity to a full gamut of audiences. Drawing from the life experience imbued upon him, Tom exemplifies how lateral thinking is critical for problem-solving, challenges the triviality of self-consciousness, and explains the critical importance of risk-taking and inner-strength. His dry wit and contrarian nature throughout keynotes delight the curiosity of his listeners. On dealing with a physical disability he ruminates; "Kids will often ask me if I'm a Pirate, and I tell them... Yes."

Tom Nash speaks about:

Tom believes tribulation is not only essential to the human condition but the basis for character and perspective, thus he encourages people to take a fresh look at their human experience with tailored keynotes that tackle often esoteric and introspective topics entitled:

• The illusion of luck,
• The perks of being a pirate,
• The casino of happiness,
• The clock is ticking, and
• Nothing happens for a reason.

There are no motivational insta-quotes to be seen during Tom's keynotes, no "one-size-fits-all" themes, and no comic sans. Half-metal, half-genius, Tom Nash is an enigmatic speaker who instead offers a fresh degustation of ideas, and a thoroughly brilliant approach to life.