Tim Ellis

Australia's favourite comedy magician, spellbinding MC

Tim Ellis is Australia's most highly awarded magician, known around the world for his original, innovative and entertaining approach to his chosen art. Regarded internationally as the face of Australian magic, he has been chosen three times to represent Australia on the Jury at the FISM World Championships of Magic.
Tim has spent his entire life mastering the art of magic and with great international success. He holds a 'Masters of Magic' degree from the FFFF, New York, as well as an 'Order of the Phoenix' from The Australian Institute of Magic.

Tim delivers a high-energy, stunning comedy magic show guaranteed to leave any audience on the edge of their seats - when they aren't falling off them with laughter!

From being buried alive, breaking world records or performing at Hollywood's famous Magic Castle, Tim is at home in any situation that calls for a little dexterous deception.

Tim has also continued the art of deception and shocked and delighted audiences as a magical hoax speaker. He has attended events in character for the Department of Treasury, Accenture and as the keynote speaker at the Fundraising Industry Awards.

Tim has been awarded 'Best Stage Magician' and 'Best Close Up Magician' at two Australian National Magic Conventions and won two awards at the FISM World Championships of Magic. He also headed the team which smashed the Guinness World Record for the longest-ever magic show (75 hours).

Tim has featured in hundreds of Australian and international lectures, press articles, magazines and television shows including Hey Hey It's Saturday, Today, Sunrise, Good Morning Australia and Fox News (USA). He is also one of the most consulted experts in magical matters for film, television, theatre and even other magicians.

In the book Deceptions Downunder, magic historian Brian McCullagh said, "Tim Ellis is a commercial success, supports organised magic to the hilt and is a fervent supporter of ‘Magic Downunder'. His contributions to magic in Australia cannot be measured."

Client testimonials

Man you rocked the house!

David Copperfield

He generously nurtures all sorts of magic and has the mind of an evil elf!

Teller, of Penn & Teller

I laughed so much I cried!

Recruitment & Consulting Services Association

How wonderful! An entertainer who is more concerned with the needs and objectives of the client than maintaining his own ‘artistic licence’. Tim’s performance and skill as an MC dovetailed perfectly with what our function was all about.

SSL Leisure

The crowd was in awe of Tim, he is an amazing performer and his personality just tops it off. Well done!

SPS Corporation

Amazing – vibrant, quick and funny – he worked superbly with the audience. Exactly what we wanted.

Melbourne Business School

He did an amazing job, firstly with fooling everyone with his character, then of performing the illusions and completely baffling everyone!!

Department of Education

Tim is fantastic and wowed everyone in the room. Tim captured everyone's attention from the minute he started until the conclusion. We would highly recommend Tim for all functions, big or small.

The Warrnambool Standard