Theo Venter

22,000 Volt Electric Shock survivor

Theo Venter is one of the only people ever recorded to have been exposed and survived a 22,000 volt electrical accident whilst working on overhead power lines in Perth, Western Australia in 2006. Theo shares his amazing story 'Just Another Day' with audiences around the world.

Theo Venter was an electrical lines man and has worked in the high voltage business for over 23 years.

After leaving his home country South Africa, Theo and his family immigrated to Australia where his trade was in high demand.

On his arrival to Australia, Theo commenced work as a contractor working on a major electricity network.

Theo's presentation reflects on the day he was electrocuted by 22,000 volts of electricity whilst working on live powerlines.

Theo talks candidly of his three days in hospital waiting to die and his desperate fight to survive both physically and mentally long after the event.

This story is extremely hard hitting with a very personal and very powerful safety message.

During Theo's 40 minute talk, a slideshow presentation is projected showing his horrific injuries received, his family and his slow road back to recovery.

Theo has had the opportunity to influence and inspire hundreds of organisations and countless thousands of people to think and act differently about what they do in their day.

Client testimonials

Theo’s presentation is very honest and hard hitting with all who attended. The impact on our field staff was immeasurable and has assisted us to positively take our teams further along the safety journey.I can’t thank Theo enough for sharing this very painful experience with us all.

Thiess Services

I can’t thank Theo enough for sharing his story with us. It had such a big impact on all our staff who attended. Theo brings home the consequences to himself and his family associated with not following procedures, in very human and emotional way. The painful journey Theo has had to travel in his recovery from his injuries strengthens the impact of his message. Hopefully many others will now not suffer an injury such as this because of Theo’s presentation.


Theo’s story is a journey of courage of how several lives were changed in one instant when an avoidable mistake was made. His story that was truly inspiring. For days after attending Theo’s presentation, I couldn't stop thinking about what I had heard. I felt truly enriched for the opportunity to listen. Theo’s presentation sparked several discussions within my own work group about the importance of safety in the work place

Ergon Energy

Theo delivered exactly what we wanted and made it clear to the audience that taking shortcuts is not worth the risk

Aroona Alliance

I’ve heard so much positive feedback including that if we can continue to use this calibre of speakers then it makes the day worthwhile and very memorable when we get back to work.