Steve Van Aperen

Expert on human behaviour, body language and detecting deception

Who, during a meeting, the sales process, an interview or during a negotiation wouldn't love to have the skillsets to read people like a book and gain the upper hand or advantage in the process? Steve van Aperen is a media commentator, author, behavioural analyst and executive business coach who travels around the world teaching organisations how to read their customers, detect deception and watch profits soar.

In order to help police read people Steve developed his unique four-stage process together with his hugely successful '60 Second Profiling Technique'. After assisting police in 68 homicide investigations and two serial killer cases, the media gave Steve the moniker 'The Human Lie Detector'. Steve has trained intelligence agencies, homicide detectives, the Defence Security Authority and Department of Defence personnel in how to read people and detect deception by analysing verbal, non-verbal and paralinguistic behaviours.

That same process is now taught by Steve throughout the world to CEOs, business executives, recruiters, portfolio managers, the banking and finance industry, customer service reps, investigators and sales professionals to do their jobs better. A successful business is one in which individuals relate well with each other and their clients so Steve's training helps them to succeed at the negotiation table, read people like a book, cultivate deeper relationships and dramatically increase profits.

A dynamic and highly sought after conference and keynote speaker, Steven has presented to Fortune 500 companies and Australia's top 100 companies at sales conferences, seminars and launches and provided training programs throughout Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau, London, Taipei, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea. Europe and the United States.

Skills that audiences take away from his presentations include the ability to:

  • Develop world-class observational skills
  • Read body language with uncanny accuracy
  • Communicate with more verve and impact
  • Excel in interviews, sales calls and negotiations

Steve van Asperen is an incredibly insightful and entertaining speaker who helps individuals and businesses to build the skills they need to become remarkably better at business - and at life.

Steve van Aperen talks about:

  • Read your clients and watch profits soar - This informative keynote presentation will teach you how to benchmark behaviours and read what your client or customers are really thinking and feeling. This popular keynote covers understanding and identifying micro and facial expressions and the four key areas to look for when people engage in deception.
  • How to detect deception & read body language in business - Learn the tell tale signs of deception and how to identify them by analysing the content and structure of language. This keynote is particularly useful for managers, executives, recruiters, financial services industry, sales teams, negotiators, HR managers and the like.
  • The 7 Winning methods that build trust and increase profits - Learn from the marketing mistakes that some of the largest global corporations have made and how they turned themselves around. Steve's 7 Step winning strategy is designed to build trust and create rapport whilst increasing sales and improving brand loyalty simultaneously.
  • Why women make better liars and men have no idea - This entertaining and informative keynote presentation highlights the differences between how men and women process information. It also explores in a humorous fashion why women make better liars and men are so inept at lying.

Client testimonials

Steve was very entertaining he held the audience interest through out the presentation.

Gippsland Community Network

Steve was informative, interesting and funny. He involves his audience in the presentation so they feel part of it.

Lindt & Sprungli

One of the best speakers we have ever had at the Harvard Club.

Clubs of New York City

Steve was excellent. Without exception he was a huge success, setting the tone for a very successful day. The consistent message from the 600 delegates was the desire to hear more … they found his information and his presentation ‘fascinating and relevant’. Steve has great presence and uses his time to maximum advantage. Very fluent and professional.

National Employment Services Association

Steve’s knowledge and valued insight in behavioural interviewing with our FIDS practitioners in Hong Kong and Malaysia was outstanding. I have used Steve’s training services in Singapore, Chicago, Hong Kong and Malaysia on several occasions and the feedback has was excellent.

Ernst & Young

Both workshop sessions were packed, the fact that the second one was full, means that delegates from first session let everyone else know that they should attend – very good sign. Steve was great.


My colleagues and our internal stakeholders found Steve’s presentation refreshingly new, interesting and thought-provoking. I don’t think this style of presentation is out much in the market so the new-ness of it was great to see. When asked to rate the usefulness of Steve’s presentation for their work, 90% of respondents rated it four or five out of five. Congratulations.

Commonwealth Bank

Steve van Aperen is a man who studies the way people answer questions and at the same time their body language. He makes his living out of sorting truth from deception.

Mike Munro, Journalist and former 60 Minutes reporter

He is so good they call him the ‘Human Lie Detector’.