Steve Simpson

Australia's customer care guru

Steve Simpson is an international speaker, consultant and author. An expert in customer care and communication, he has assisted businesses around the world to define their corporate culture and establish sound philosophies for delivering service.

With unique insights and practical strategies, Steve Simpson helps organisations grow their profit levels by improving their culture to lift performances. He explains how the 'Unwritten Ground Rules' (UGR) of an organization, that is the misconceptions that can arise with communication, drive its culture. Integral to how a team functions because they define behavioural boundaries, Steve shows organisations how creating positive ground rules will improve their service and teamwork.

Steve is the author of the books UGRs World Survey: Opening a Window into Cultures Worldwide, UGRs - Creating a Culture of Service, and UGRs - Cracking the Corporate Culture Code.

Steve has featured at two World Conferences on Customer Service Management in the U.S. where he rated in the top 10 speakers. He was the only Australian to feature at the Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals (SOCAP) Annual Conference in New Orleans, the HDI Conference in Las Vegas and the recent European Conference on Customer Management in London. Steve has shared the stage with Tom Peters (on four occasions), Professor Gary Hamal (twice), Hon Paul Keating, former Prime Minister of Australia, and Don Peppers.

Steve is a Past Chapter President of the Australian Customer Service Association, and he has been an evaluator in the Australian Customer Service Awards. He was an invited member of an international team studying standards of World Class Customer Care, organised through the US based SOCAP. He has also achieved international recognition as a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) the highest speaker accreditation recognised by the International Federation of Professional Speakers.

He has a Master's Degree from the University of Alberta, is the author of two books and is a contributing author to a further two books.

Over the past 15 years, Steve has worked with a range of organisations in Australia, North America and South East Asia. His clients include Bayer Australia, Commonwealth Bank, Gold Fields, South Africa, Ghana and Australia, Institute for Customer Service, UK, Kmart Australia, Lion Nathan Brewing Company and Toyota Australia.

Steve Simpson talks about:

There's little doubt that workplace culture impacts heavily on bottom line performance. The trouble is, many people don't understand culture in simple and practical terms. What we don't understand, we don't manage. What we don't manage, we become victims of...

Steve Simpson's concept of Unwritten Ground Rules (UGRs) changes all that as he works with organisations across the globe to help them understand and boost their culture.

No hackneyed stories, no 'motivational' platitudes, just enlightening, unique new insights and practical strategies.

His topics include:

  • Improving profit through outstanding service
  • Managing the expectations of your customers
  • Boosting the performance of your team 
  • Creating positive ground rules for your business
  • Measuring and improving your team's service focus 

Client testimonials

However I must also admit that such a valuable and relevant message could not have possibly come across the great audience at this master class presentation with such conviction had it not been for the extremely energising and lively presentation that you gave. You managed to engage the audience from the very start till the very end and it was actually quite sad to realise that the time was up! Ltd

We had Steve speak on cultural change a year ago in London and he went down an absolute storm. People LOVED him and I very much enjoyed working with him...he was very professional, conscientious and amiable. His 'thing' is what he has termed the Unwritten Ground Rules of organisations and he gives people a blueprint of how to tap into what is really going on in an organisation in order to achieve effective change....


At this year’s HDO Conference in Las Vegas, I had the opportunity to attend Steve Simpson’s presentation on UGRs. His presentation was a highlight of the conference. Steve’s sense of humour, credibility, and subject matter gave me pages of notes to use in my own consulting and training. I would recommend Steve top anyone who needs to better understand the complicated, vital and often mis-understood world of corporate culture.

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