Steve Pratt

Human Rights Campaigner

A former Major in the Australian Infantry, in 1993 Steve Pratt joined CARE Australia. He worked as Area Manager in Northern Iraq providing support to displaced Kurdish families before becoming Logistics Officer for Somali refugees in southern Yemen and then supervising CARE Australia operations in Rwanda and Zaire, evacuating the Zaire mission under fire in October 1996.

Steve Pratt's posting was as Country Director for CARE International in Yugoslavia, responsible for Serbian refugees who had fled Croatia and Bosnia. In this role he established and conducted operations in support of Kosovo Albanians, Serbs Romanys and Turks in the heightened political and security environment.

After evacuating the Care Australia mission in Yugoslavia in March 1999 Steve Pratt continued operations with a rear party of 2 international staff after outbreak of the NATO/Yugoslavia war. It was whilst leaving Yugoslavia on 31 March 1999 that he was arrested by Yugoslav authorities and accused of spying for NATO.

In 2000, Steve Pratt published Duty of Care an account of CARE Australia's emergency overseas work (1993-99) and his ordeal under detention along with his colleagues. His account of the ordeal and its aftermath, the pressure on his family, the relentless pursuit by the Australian media and the challenge of putting his life back together is a truly fascinating and inspirational story.

From May to July 2001, Steve Pratt conducted consultancy project work under contract to CIT. This included training needs analysis of a large federal government department and its country wide agencies relative to emergency management, internal security and workplace safety. The project also involved the development of risk management and risk analysis systems and procedures adaptable to that department.

In 2001, Steve Pratt was elected to the ACT Assembly as Liberal MLA for Brindabella.

In 2002, he obtained his Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS) through the University of New England, specializing in 'International Community Development' (ICD).

With his military background and wide international experience with organising people and operations in life-threatening situations, Steve Pratt is an insightful speaker on leadership and teamwork as well as possessing startling revelations into the dog-eat-dog world of emergency aid.