Stephen Koukoulas

Economic Visionary & Keynote Speaker

Stephen Koukoulas is an economic visionary with a rare and specialised professional experience that spans over 25 years as an economist in government, as Global Head of economic and market research, a Chief Economist for two major banks and as economic advisor to the Prime Minister.

With extensive experience in both the public and private sectors, Stephen offers unparalleled insight into the opportunities and risks of today's markets. His ability to interpret complex economic concepts into more readily understood terms places him in high demand with diverse audiences that range from schools to corporate groups.

In these uncertain financial times, Stephen combines tailored economic overview and analysis with a level of humour and engagement not usually associated with the economics.

More about Stephen Koukoulas:

Stephen is the Managing Director of Market Economics Pty Ltd, a firm he established in response to the growing need for independent and tailored macroeconomic analysis for business clients needing to convert economic data into financial market and policy risks. His work provides clients with unique insights into the macroeconomic policy debate.

Between September 2010 and July 2011, Stephen was Senior Economic Advisor to the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard MP having moved there from a senior role in the Commonwealth Treasury. Before that, Stephen spent three years in London as the Global Head of research and strategy for TD Securities.

Stephen has also spent 10 years as a Senior Economist and Chief Economist of Citibank Australia and Chief Strategist at TD Securities in Sydney. Between 1999 and 2001 he was The Australian Financial Review's Economics Analyst.

Stephen graduated from the ANU before gaining a unique insight into the workings of government as an economist in the Commonwealth Treasury during the late 1980s and early 1990s. In Treasury, he worked in areas covering economic forecasting, monetary policy analysis, current economic conditions and the international economy.

Stephen Koukoulas talks about:

The Kouk's Outlook - Informed by Stephen's exceptionally broad experience and background, this presentation ties together complex fiscal policy with current macroeconomic data to provide comprehensive insights into how current economic trends will impact your business. This presentation can be tailored to include a wide range of topics including:

  • Where the economy is going
  • Which sectors are strong? Which are in decline?
  • What are the economic opportunities in the near term or over the next few years?
  • Local and international market forces

The Kouk's Influencers - What are the causes of macroeconomic conditions in Australasia and abroad? How long can the strong Aussie dollar last, what has caused its meteoric rise and what might be its downfall? How do interest rate decisions affect home buyers, small business and corporations? All these questions and more can be addressed in Stephen's presentation on cause and effect in economics. This presentation can include analysis and information on the influence of:

  • Financial markets and stocks
  • The Aussie dollar
  • Interest rates
  • General and specific taxation conditions (including the effect of the Carbon Tax)
  • The effect of politics on your business segment


Client testimonials

One of Australia's most influential economists. The Prime Minister's Office has placed a premium on economic and policy advice recruiting high-profile market economist, Stephen Koukoulas.

The Australian Financial Review

I've only heard great things about your presentation at the breakfast – so thank you. Clients and staff all raved about you – how engaging, thought provoking and entertaining you were. You made the content come alive.


The feedback from the participants has been fantastic. You really make a serious subject interesting and engaging.

Wesfarmers Insurance

Stephen has a way of making economics fun and relevant - 10/10.