Stacey Currie

Change Expert & Keynote Speaker

Stacey Currie is an incredible woman who has defied the harshest start in life to become a successful businesswoman, mother of five, qualified leadership coach and mentor. A powerful keynote speaker, she has inspired thousands of people to make life changing decisions of their own.

Using her street-smart wisdom, Stacey lives by the philosophy (and helps others do the same) that to be more, you need less.

More about Stacey Currie:

Stacey Currie should be living on the streets, in jail, on drugs or dead. She ticks all the boxes when it comes to risk factors. She had an absent mum, was bought up in housing commission and experienced child sexual abuse. By 14, she was living in a shed. By 15, she was pregnant. By 19, she had 2 babies and was homeless. By 21, Stacey had 3 kids and was living in a domestic violent relationship.

Remarkably, Stacey not only survived to tell the tale but has managed to defy the odds by using her street-smart wisdom to thrive, and help others from all walks of life do so too. As the co-founder of a million-dollar printing business, Stacey's tenacity and commitment have seen her nominated for several business awards. As an author, she is known for having completed her first book, The Rich Get Richer, The Poor Can Too, in just six months. And, as a qualified leadership coach and mentor, Stacey is known for her rawness, honesty and compassion.

Stacey has shared the stage with countless thought leaders and told her ‘against-the-odds' life story on TV shows such as the Today Show, 7.30 Report and 60 Minutes. She has featured in many newspapers and magazines including BRW, The Age and The Herald Sun.

However, it is as a motivational speaker that Stacey is best known. Her keynote speech Good Riddance: How to Make Hard Choices Easy for a Change has captivated audiences across Australia. In fact, the self-described 'rough-around-the-edges chick' often pinches herself when rubbing shoulders with everyone from those in rags to those in riches.

Stacey Currie speaks about:

Escape the Drama Triangle: Many of us are stuck in situations that no longer serve us because we're playing out one (or more) of these roles: Rescuer, Victim and Persecutor. To step out of the drama is to begin the journey to confidence, self-empowerment and your authentic self.

Take a Stoic Stance: When faced with a challenge, do you tackle it or run away? Audiences learn ways to develop mental resilience.
Make Choices Easy: If you take your eye off the ball, your life can be full of meaningless moments. By taking responsibility and making conscious positive choices, we soon learn that we're the only ones to blame for what we get.

Use Your Brain for a Change: Science shows us that our brains are actually neuroplastic from cradle to grave, which means we can hardwire more love, happiness and wisdom into our lives - if we want to.

Good Riddance Makes Change Easy: Audiences learn to think clearly about what they want and the universe is delivering (think the Law of Attraction and frameworks such as SMART - Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic and Time-framed goals).

The Art of Reverse Engineering: Knowing what you don't want: Among many lessons, audiences learn how to work backwards to eliminate the things they don't want; how to abandon habitual patterns and start taking responsibility for their life; how to make conscious positive choices and become surrounded by successful, happy people.

Client testimonials

Knowing a little of Stacey’s background and personal story, I would highly recommend her to any company wanting a keynote speaker or workshop presenter. Stacey is not only relate-able and will touch the heart of employees at every level from the workshop floor to executive management, she will also provide valuable knowledge and insights on business systems, passion and goal setting that will create greater productivity and profits.

David Schirmer

My overall feedback is that I can see that you are on a path that will see you communicating messages to many, many people. You are a driven and inspirational woman, one in a million. Our team really enjoyed hearing about how you set goals and then relentlessly work to achieve them.


You are a wonderful inspiration to so many people. You are obviously a remarkable woman! This wonderful, inspiring book gives you the tools & motivation to achieve all your goals—including getting rich!

Brian Tracy - Author - “The Way to Wealth”