Yvonne Adele

MC and Facilitator

Yvonne Adele is an energetic personality you want front and centre at your event, Yvonne’s humour and enthusiasm are contagious. Her insights add value and resonance to ensure the event meets your goals and the expectations of delegates and sponsors.

Beyond smart introductions and smooth transitions, Yvonne stays connected in her role as MC, keeping your program on track.

Agile and quick-witted, she can intervene with tact to get the best out of speakers, or leap into the audience and drive engagement.

Planners love Yvonne’s hands-on approach. Sponsors love her research and respect. Delegates love her charm and energy.

More about Yvonne

Yvonne’s professional journey started with Microsoft in the 90s, travelling the world supporting education teams. She returned to Australia with a mission and a media profile as Ms Megabyte, demystifying tech across our most popular TV shows and magazines.

This profile naturally led to speaking and then MC invitations. Yvonne is now an inspiring, positive and lively annual presence at many Australian and international events. She engages audiences from the first minute to the closing address, bringing insight and relevance to every session, activity and break.

Client Testimonials

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