Yvonne Adele

IT & Social Media Expert, Speaker & MC

Yvonne Adele is recognised as a leading Australian MC and speaker with enormous experience. In this capacity, she has worked with over 500 groups, across a wide range of industries, including NAB, Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals, realestate.com.au, Telstra, Schwarzkopf, Intel, and the Federal Government.

A talented speaker, Yvonne is responsive, communicative, and flexible, working with clients to adapt her presentations to specifically meet their briefs. Described as “uniquely engaging” and “inspiring, interactive, and thought-provoking”, Yvonne intuitively understands the key elements, big and small, required to set the scene and continue to reinforce it at your conference or event.

Thoughtful and innovative, she ensures delegates get great access to her before, during and after the event via social media.

Yvonne’s speaking topics include digital marketing/social media; productivity; consumer marketing; disruption and innovation: creative thinking and action plans.

An immensely skilled MC, Yvonne weaves speakers together in an overall story to support her clients’ conference themes. She effortlessly brings the energy up in a conference-weary room, paying respect to each speaker with a well-crafted, succinct introduction followed by a thoughtful short wrap-up, inspiring delegates to consider action points.

More about Yvonne Adele:

Yvonne began her career with Microsoft in Sydney, before travelling the world with the software giant, training tech-support and education teams. Armed with this deep wealth of knowledge and experience, Yvonne returned to Australia on a mission to help Australians learn to love technology. She created the Ms Megabyte brand/persona which led to a national media profile (IT Reporter, Today Show; Woman’s Day; Women’s Weekly), regular radio spots and best-selling books (Conquer Your Computer; PCs For Dummies).

As a pioneer in tech education in Australia, Yvonne began to receive invitations as guest speaker and MC for corporate events. Working closely with event teams, Yvonne naturally began consulting in many of these businesses and now brings this diverse, rich and abundant wealth of knowledge back into her presentations.

Recognising a gap in the market for small business owners without resources to appoint agencies and consultants, Yvonne founded start-up Spruikable.com – providing custom digital marketing strategy and action plans to educate business owners and their teams as they execute.

Yvonne is a CSP (Certified Speaking Professional, Professional Speakers Association) – the highest designation for speakers, and is a volunteer for Code Club Org – a global movement to #getkidscoding.

Yvonne Adele talks about:

Yvonne challenges delegates to switch just one element in a task which needs a fresh result. Key themes include:

  • Inspiring, relatable stories of success, where one small change made a huge difference
  • Identifying areas for business improvement
  • Applying fresh, creative thinking techniques to generate a SWITCH
  • Tools for teamwork and collaboration
  • A one-page-action plan to ensure the SWITCH sticks.

5 Pillars of Digital Marketing Success
In a session for small business audiences, franchise groups, and associations, Yvonne unplugs social media. Rather than blind delegates with science, she presents practical, implementable tactics. Key learnings include:

  • How to make the technology work for you, finding new customers and extending your relationship with existing ones.
  • The 5 Pillars for success: Website, Blog, Newsletter, Social Media, SEO/SEM
  • Where social media must fit into your marketing strategy
  • A system for fail-safe implementation: 10 minutes a day, three times a week
  • The winning way to build a list of brand advocates (followers)

Consumer-Eye View of Your Brand: A Day in the Life
This presentation, which is suitable for marketing/brand/customer service audiences from all business sizes, gets back to basics, re-defining marketing as B2H: Business to Human. Yvonne deconstructs ‘the consumer’ into the many layers of context contained within. Along the journey, delegates see just how many screens our consumers interact with and get a birds-eye-view of the exposure to your marketing messages in an average day (and how much impact those messages have).

Authority Building / Thought Leadership using LinkedIn & Twitter
LinkedIn and Twitter are powerful platforms to demonstrate your experience, expertise and build authority. In this presentation, which is ideal for business owners; executives; sales leaders; and personal brand audiences, the key themes are:

  • Compelling examples of best practice LinkedIn profiles within your industry and beyond
  • Vital tweaks that will have your profile working for you at full potential
  • The concept of ‘social selling’ on LinkedIn and how to leverage your brand to fill your pipeline with the right people, insights and relationships
  • Creating content using LinkedIn articles to find a whole new audience
  • How to find and share compelling content
  • The importance of LinkedIn Groups
  • Keyboard shortcuts and LinkedIn tricks for power users.

Better Brainstorming – From Disruption to Innovation
This powerful idea-sparking process, uses participants’ business challenges to help them generate mountains of creative ideas. Key learnings include:

  • A systematic, fresh and simple way to approach idea generation
  • Useful ways to identify challenges
  • Effective activities to generate sophisticated ideas
  • A practical system for evaluating the best ideas
  • How to create a one-page action and implementation plan to ensure ideas are swiftly brought to life back at the office.

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