Yemi Penn

Speaker, Researcher, Engineer, Author & Filmmaker

Yemi Penn is a global thought leader on how to ignite your Rebellious Curiosity at an individual, team and organisational level.

An Engineer by profession, Entrepreneur by passion Yemi fuses analytical thinking with creativity to produce superior outcomes.  She is an advocate for challenging status quo, being a disruptor in all industries to bring about innovative and sometimes radical change.

She is a champion and steadfast advocate for equality and equity in STEM fields, inviting individuals to tap into their self-empowerment using her bespoke ‘pain to power’ mapping technique which unlocks their unique resilience blueprint.

Yemi is a force to be reckoned with and has inspired audiences across Australia, the United Kingdom, Africa and the United States, where she has delivered a TED talk on the TEDx Ocala stage in Florida.

Yemi’s superpower is meeting people wherever they are.

Yemi Penn speaks about:

Keynote Topics:

1.     Igniting your Rebellious Curiosity: Yemi Penn will not only inspire attendees but move them to action by sharing tools and challenging attendees to start with themselves by being curious about their belief systems and challenging the status quo in the process.

2.     Liminal Thinking: Yemi Penn will share her formula for bending reality, sharing how the boundaries that usually cage us can be used as props to bring about superior outcomes.

3.     Shame and Trauma Resilience: Yemi Penn is a leading thought leader on Trauma in Australia, currently undertaking a PhD researching the transformative nature of trauma. She leads individuals and organisations through their pain points using her bespoke ‘pain to power’ mapping tool to empower people through their transformation. Paving the way for greater connection within teams and kinder organisations.

4.   How to be an Ally: Through keynotes and deep dives, Yemi holds the space for uncomfortable yet necessary conversations that are typically avoided because it is just too hard.

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