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Consummate business storyteller

Yamini Naidu is a global thought leader in storytelling and leadership whose passion is helping business people reach their full potential through mastering the art of storytelling, presenting, personal branding and thought leadership.

Through storytelling, Yamini helps clients to engage, excite and inspire their own people to act and change.

Yamini is director of yamininaidu.com.au and was previously a Director at One Thousand & One, a company she co-founded in 2005 and Australia’s first storytelling company.

Yamini Naidu is a seasoned speaker and a much sought-after presenter, combining authenticity and humour with rich insights. Her presentations are both practical and inspiring.

Amongst Yamini’s many successes are:

  • Helping the NAB’s Lending Services Division increase their employee engagement score by 14%.
  • Helping Ericsson increase Strategy Awareness by 11 points and Leadership Communication Capability by 18 points in Ericsson (the target was 3 points)
  • Working with the CIO of AXA to stop employee engagement scores continuing on a downward spiral then actually increasing it by 9%
  • Working with the top 100 leaders of nabCapital across Australia, New Zealand, the US and the UK in the practical use of storytelling, resulting in a significant positive change in the way they communicated and engaged with people
    Working with an entrepreneur to help him raise $38 million from venture capitalists.

More about Yamini Naidu:

Yamini has held senior leadership roles and has extensive corporate experience working in a range of industry sectors with senior industry leaders, key stakeholders and company boards.

Yamini has also taught leadership and management at RMIT University. She is an economist by training, and a post graduate (and scholarship winner) from the London School of Economics.

Yamini is the co-author of Hooked: How leaders connect, engage & inspire using storytelling and is a voluntary guide at the National Gallery of Victoria.

She is committed to social enterprise and supports through pro bono work the High Resolves Global Citizenship and Leadership Programs which offer a three-year transformational experience for high school students in Years 8 to 10. She supports and is working with Pollinate Energy, a not for profit focused on energy access for poor people living in urban India.

Yamini Naidu talks about:

Yamini’s presentations are completely tailored to your specific audience and business issues and she works with clients in a variety of ways including:

A 90-minute keynote presentation to an unlimited audience – In her interactive, inspiring key notes Yamini blends humour and rich practical insights to talk about storytelling with a purpose and for business results. So whether you want to connect with clients and markets, dramatically increase people leadership skills as well as build a followership, storytelling is a skill that will help you.

A half-day Masterclass, to approximately 30 people – The masterclass provides insights into business storytelling, what it is, why storytelling matters, applications in business and skilling in storytelling.

A full-day Workshop to approximately 8 people – The workshop provides the same content as the Masterclass but also more depth in the skill and detailed practice and feedback opportunities.

Highly creative, eloquent, engaging and talented, Yamini Naidu is a master in organisational storytelling who will delight your audiences in interactive, memorable ways. With an understanding of the issues corporations face and the ability to work effectively with a broad range of stakeholders, her session is guaranteed to be one of the highlights of your next event.

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