Helping companies to close the execution gap

Martin West and Mark Bragg are the strategic exceptional talents behind XGAP. They’ve worked at the coalface with diverse industries from off shore oil rigs to pharmaceutical companies, in different countries and cultures around the world.

Martin and Mark are available to work with your company as keynote speakers/facilitators in what they’ve coined ‘a key-nop’ – that is, a fast paced blend of keynote and workshop. Together, they’ll assist you to build the critical competencies necessary to close the execution gap – that is, the gap between what you plan to do and what actually happens in your practice.

With experience and competency, Martin west and Mark Bragg help clients to build an execution discipline inside their organisation that ensures they consistently deliver on their objectives and key strategic initiatives.

Westy and Braggy have identified four challenges that need to be solved when building an Execution Discipline – and that’s what they can do for you:

  • Attain a comprehensive understanding of what your team is executing
  • Be certain that your people are focused on the right things
  • Build a team based discipline focused on accountability and improvement
  • Tap the intelligence of the frontline!

How your business will benefit from XGap:

Simplicity: You will learn that simple beats complex. Mark and Martin will demonstrate that the easier a plan is to communicate, the greater chance it will get done.

Black and white beats grey: You will learn to be black and white on three critical questions: how you measure success, what you are going to focus on to achieve success and how you are personally going to proceed.

Transparency: You will learn how to achieve transparency across your entire team and in doing so, how to achieve a greater sense of accountability.

The moment of truth: You will learn how to conduct the Gap meeting – the linchpin to driving execution and improved results. This is where your managers will face the moment of truth – what was actually executed vs. what was planned.

Xray: You will be introduced to a new web-based platform that will foster and gather the untapped intelligence of your team and show you how your strategy is progressing 24/7.

With their straightforward style and a practical approach, Mark Bragg and Martin West connect with audience members and engage their thought processes. By introducing the simple but powerful secret of transparency they quickly gain buy in and speed up the process that will close the execution gap.

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