Will Elrick

Mountaineer and Motivational Speaker

After a motor vehicle accident in 1997, Will Elrick lay in a coma for five weeks, during which time his heart stopped beating on three occasions.

As a result of the accident, Will’s right leg had to be amputated from the hip.  After two and half months in hospital and another six months of therapy, Will began working at improving his fitness. Hi goal was to work towards some of the many physical challenges he now had his mind set upon.

Wills successes to date include:

  • Reaching an elevation of 8150m on Mt Cho Oyu ,Tibet 2007
  • Climbing  Mount Aconcagua 6962m, Argentina, 2007
  • Climbing Mera Peak 6467m, Nepal, 2006
  • Trekking Camino de Santiago, 900km trail in six weeks, Spain 2006
  • Competing in the Cycling World Cup 1km Time Trial, Germany, 2002 (12th place)
  • Trekking the entire Inca Trail, Peru, South America 1999

Will now uses his experiences to inspire people to realise more of their potential.  He also presents to organisations to motivate and inspire employees, encouraging them to aim for the best within themselves

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