Tristan Miller

Record-breaking running man, inspirational speaker

In 2010, Melbourne man Tristan Miller entered the record books when he became the first person to complete 52 marathons in 52 weeks.

He had sold virtually everything he owned to fund his $120,000, 42-country, globe-trotting marathon, which included all seven continents. Along the way, he clocked up more than 260,000 kilometres in the air and raised funds for charities UNICEF and Facing Africa.

During his courageous – or insane, depending on your point of view – and epic journey, Tristan ran in all the major international marathons, including New York, London, Berlin and Tokyo and also found himself in Rwanda, Mongolia, Siberia, Morocco and Northern Island, Cuba and the Cayman Islands, to name just a few. He even ran across the frozen fields of Antarctica.

Tristan had started running six years earlier following a divorce. He found that running long distances gave him a sense of achievement and the courage to try other things he had never previously dreamed of doing. The catalyst came in 2009 when his employer, Google, closed its Melbourne office during the global financial crisis. With no attachments, he decided to go and see the world.

Tristan Miller is a dynamic and engaging speaker and is articulate and friendly. His inspirational story and amazing achievements keep audiences engrossed and show how a ‘regular guy’ can do incredible things with the right motivation. Tristan will soon have you re-assessing your professional and personal goals and seeking newer and bigger challenges in life.

Of course there are all the travel adventures, but Tristan’s story is also one of great personal discovery. Both his website and his Facebook page have thousands of avid international followers, eager to follow his latest exploits.

Tristan Miller talks about:

  • Embracing change
  • Inspiration
  • Triumph against all odds
  • Harnessing goodwill of the masses by providing the journey
  • Challenging yourself to lift, no matter how high the wall, or how big the goal
  • Social network engagement

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