Tony Mowbray

The power of commitment

Tony Mowbray is one of Australia’s premier international Motivational and Inspirational speakers, routinely receiving standing ovations. Tony is equally at ease delivering passionate keynote addresses, providing powerful and humourous after dinner presentations, enhancing your team building program or guiding your event as Master of Ceremonies.

In 2000/01 The “Power of Commitment” enabled Tony Mowbray to sail solo, non-stop and unassisted around the world, spending 181 days alone at sea. His record breaking adventure required 100% commitment, teamwork, total focus and unswerving self-belief.

In December 1998 Tony and his crew aboard his yacht, “Solo Globe Challenger” participated in the ultimate team building challenge….

To win was to live…….To lose was to die!!

In 1998 Tony and his crew competed in the Sydney to Hobart yacht race, encountering the worst race conditions in its 64 year history. Little did Tony know that he and his crew would fight a 15 hour epic battle of life and death…nature forced them to reach further within themselves than they ever had before. “Solo Globe Challenger” surfed down the face of a 60 foot wave upside down after a monumental knock down. In 160 km/hr cyclonic winds and killer waves tall enough to engulf a 10 storey building, Tony “could see and smell death in the water”. He says “the devil took me by the hand, led me to the edge of a huge precipice and made me stand there on tippy toes for 15 hours…he then allowed me to step back from the edge but tragically 6 men died”. Against the odds, Tony survived, however his dream of sailing around the world was in tatters. His boat all but destroyed, he was physically spent, mentally near broken and severely traumatised.

Just one year and 10 months later Tony had rebuilt his boat, re-ignited his spirit and set off on an epic non-stop journey around the world… along the way, crystallising in his mind many of the corporate and personal parallels that he so passionately weaves into his down to earth, easy to understand and “relate to” presentations. In December 2001, just 8 months after finishing the solo world trip in front of 30,000 people, Tony and the same team from the ’98 race quietly crossed the finish line of the 2001 Sydney to Hobart….finishing off what they started in 1998…job done!!!

In 2003 Tony mounted his first Antarctic expedition, taking four non sailors to the windiest place on earth at sea level… he took them to “The Home of the Blizzard!”…they learnt the importance of responsibility within a team, to be prepared for anything, to manage the small challenges within the big challenge and that with 100% commitment ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things! They returned with their lives changed forever.

For Tony it continues to be a work in progress. When not on the conference stage he takes every day people from all backgrounds on the trip of a life time, sailing his aptly named yacht “Commitment”, to Antarctica, legendary Cape Horn and the wilds of Tierra del Fuego.

Tony has produced two documentaries of his adventures, has an extensive business background having held senior sales management positions in finance, insurance and real estate and for 10 years was the Managing Director of 3 communications companies. He has raised over $250,000 for charity, competed in marathons and triathlons and is a fiercely proud Australian whose approach is passionate refreshing and truly enlightening.

Attendees at conferences held up to six years ago regularly say they still clearly remember his messages and are still motivated and inspired by Tony Mowbray.

Tony Mowbray talks about:

Motivation, Leadership, Achievement, Improvisation, Team Work, Goal Setting, Planning to Succeed, Inspiration, Adventure, Weathering the Storm, Positive attitude, Results.

Tony Mowbray speaks with absolute authority about the “Power of Commitment”. His inspiring story offers all who hear it a recipe for success in today’s tough business climate. Tony’s honest and fresh style of presentation exudes passion. He constantly draws upon his experiences sharing the lessons learnt with each audience, in a highly customised fashion. He is focused on giving the audience genuine “take home value”.

Some key elements of a typical presentation include: Short, medium and long term goals (flexibility is a key), problem solving techniques, the link between positive attitude and reward (negativity is easy) How 100% commitment from the audience will encourage those around them to do amazing things to help them achieve their goals. It’s the 100 percenters who make a real difference in their lives and the lives of those around them.

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