Toni Powell

Entertaining speaker on gratitude and happiness

Toni Powell is a fabulous storyteller and a highly sought-after speaker on happiness, gratitude and relationships.

After changing many areas of her own life through gratitude, Toni believes gratitude is the holy grail of life transformation and now shows others how they can experience their own lives very differently.

Toni runs a successful workplace training program called ‘Gratitude Equals Success – and Other Things Leaders Need to Know’, a unique leadership training program that teaches leaders simple, practical and instantly effective tools to change how they lead their people and how they live their own lives. She also created a popular 10 week e-course, the ‘Gratitude Adventure’.

Toni has also made a couple of award-winning short films, once ran a very special film festival, and was the subject of ‘Let there be Light’ an episode of ABC’s Australian Story.

Toni and her husband are also producing a documentary on Gratitude called ‘Goodness Gracious Me!’ Toni personally interviewed many of the world leaders in brain science, psychology, gratitude research and happiness research for the documentary.

If you are after hilariously entertaining stories and inspiring personal insights on life then Toni might just be the speaker you are looking for. Toni has broad audience appeal and uses beautiful images, music, short film, a little non-invasive interaction, stories, the latest scientific research, everyday language, and even a few surprises to communicate with her audiences. She’s not a fan of fluff or too much sentimentality; simple, practical solutions are much more her style.

Toni Powell is extremely funny, eloquent and wild and is available for life-changing keynotes, workshops and conferences.

Toni Powell talks about:

Gratitude, happiness & contentment – Gratitude is the astonishingly easy way to change most areas of your life. Audiences are entertained and surprised to find gratitude is not what they thought it was.
The power of words – How words affect what we think, see and feel. The impact they have on relationships and our own emotional wellbeing.
Relationships – Happily married for over 30 years Toni has interesting, hilarious and poignant insights into what it takes to make relationships work.
The art of communication – Connecting with others, getting your message across and how we mere mortals process information are among the areas covered.
Vision & crazy leaps – In 2006 ABC’s Australian Story crew came to spend eight days with Toni, documenting the story of one of her crazy leaps and how her vision bought a town together. Toni talks about over-coming fear, chasing a vision and working toward making the world a more wonderful place.

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