Tom Potter

Founder, Entrepreneur, Entertainer

A speaker with the WOW factor! Someone who can relate to the audience and leave them with two or three brilliant gems and make them laugh.  Tom’s point of difference is that he has been there and done that in business.

Tom’s Story

Tom has served on various boards and commissions and advised Federal Government on policy. His straight forward and direct approach has taught him to cut through the clutter and get to the point for the best outcome for your audience. He competed and beat the biggest in the world with tough strategic skills and guerrilla marketing.

Tom left school at 15 to become a baker, then started Eagle Boys and went on to graduate top of his class at Harvard Business School at age 31. His inspirational story will allow your audience to learn from his highs and lows in business.

More about Tom Potter:

  • Change / Evolve / Thrive
  • How to differentiate in a vanilla world
  • Beating the big boys
  • What marketing really works for you?
  • Looking through your customers eyes (What they really want)
  • How to stand out like a zebra amongst horses.

Client testimonials

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