Tom Nash

Quadruple Amputee, Entrepreneur, Author & Inspiring Speaker

It’s one thing to survive a life-threatening illness, it’s another to thrive thereafter; mesmerising audiences around the world as a Keynote Speaker, DJ, and quadruple amputee like it’s nobody’s business. Then again, failure has never been Tom Nash’s favourite F-word.

A taste for disruptive ideas, and a generous pour of Bordeaux are recommended accompaniments for experiencing the full flavour of Tom’s thought-provoking perspectives; the power of pragmatism, separation of ‘life-noise’, and the necessity for self-reflection. Tom allows no excuse for mediocrity, and no apology for adversity.

Tom’s penchant for captivating storytelling, alongside his dark sense of humour and his razor-sharp wit are melted down into ideas for life that leave audiences truly grounded, and unequivocally hooked.

Tom Nash talks about:


In a world with so much talk of ‘resilience’, one must wonder… is resilience really good enough? In ‘The Adversity Advantage’, Tom discusses his process of going beyond resilience, and becoming ‘Antifragile’. Because sometimes it’s not good enough to simply be able to resist stressors; sometimes we must grow from them, using them to become better versions of ourselves.

From agility to adaptability, our ability to reframe negative vicissitudes can be the difference between sinking or swimming.


What do a Global Pandemic and the loss of all four limbs have in common? In his light-hearted yet captivating take on adversity and pragmatism, Tom Nash elucidates the links between being forced to think differently to solve problems, and the lateral thinking methods involved in overcoming challenges.

From overcoming the roadblocks of Path Dependency and Defensive Decision Making, to dividing and conquering problems creatively, identifying false assumptions and testing ideas that others don’t bother to.

An uplifting discourse which takes solace from the knowledge that no matter what threats lurk on the horizon… we all have it within us to overcome them.


What hacks can be used to make design unique? Designing systems, products or environments for the average person under perfect conditions seeks to satisfy the group, while often failing to serve each individual.

Conversely, Innovating with Universal Design in mind, solves problems that are obvious for the individual but which often have unintended positive consequences for the wider population.

Many technologies designed with limited abilities in mind have gone on to become crucial and ubiquitous tools favoured the world-over by broader populations despite their abilities or limitations.

Universal design has the ability to solve problems previously shrouded by the naivety of narrow objectives, and broaden the canvas of opportunity for unique design and innovation.


Outlining the way that adversity can be used to one’s advantage, The Perks of Being a Pirate pulls back the curtain on how people can exploit their shortcomings to play to their own strengths and use lateral thinking methods to overcome challenges with aplomb. One may never think of hardship in the same way again after considering this fresh mindset.

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