Tom Griffith

Emma & Tom's Co-Founder & Entrepreneur

Tom Griffith is the co-founder and chairman of the much loved, internationally successful whole fruit brand Emma & Tom’s.

Tom is a highly sought after speaker on the topics of entrepreneurship, the business of start-ups, building brands and the secret to successful partnerships.

His presentations draw on his success with Emma & Tom’s, coupled with diverse professional experience spanning business, finance, investment banking and innovation within Australia and internationally. A qualified chartered accountant, Tom Griffith holds a Bachelor of Commerce from The University of Melbourne, has a Fellowship of Finance and has enjoyed a diverse professional career.

Tom Griffith co-founded Emma & Tom’s in 2004 with his childhood friend Emma Welsh. Both share a passion for healthy choices, active life and everyday, balanced nutrition and saw a need for an Australian healthy, great tasting snack and juice alternative to sugary, preservative-loaded, over-processed options on the market.

Based on the simple and powerful philosophy ‘Look After Yourself’, Emma & Tom’s has grown to become one of Australia’s great start-up business success stories and an internationally recognised brand. By focussing on differentiating their product from the competition and building strong business relationships with their orchardists and supporting their cafe clients, Emma and Tom’s has become a product their customers are proud of. ‘There’s no hard sell’ says Tom, ‘We just introduce ourselves to the cafe owner, sell them a few bottles to try in the fridge, and the juice does the rest’.

Tom Griffith is a passionate and outstanding community leader who contributes many pro bono hours to local social justice initiatives. He supports multiple charity organisations and Emma & Tom’s contributes $100,000 annually to local not-for-profit organisations that seek to alleviate poverty, boost economic empowerment, and initiate education and health projects Australia-wide. Tom co-founded The Unite Project with the Cotton On Group, which has the mission to fight youth homelessness across Australia.

Tom Griffith speaks about:

  • The Emma & Tom’s Story: Building a product, brand and business
  • The Emma & Tom’s Story: From corporate cruise liner to small business dinghy
  • The Emma & Tom’s Story: The rocky road to overnight success

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