Tom Cronin

The King of Calm, Author and Speaker

Tom Cronin is a renowned speaker and corporate trainer recognised nationally and internationally as a leadership expert. Often known as ‘The King of Calm’, Tom is recognised for his inspiring, empowering and humorous presentations on leadership, stress management, mindfulness and empowerment.

More about Tom Cronin:

Tom is the author of 6 books, from the globally published book The Portal (through Allen and Unwin and Murdoch Press), The Path to Peace, his book on navigating through the complexity of change with grace and ease, to his children’s book, Missy Moo Meditates. He has also produced the hit film The Portal and founded The Stillness Project, a movement to inspire one billion people to meditate daily.

Tom started out as a Wolf of Wall Street style broker in 1987 and after many years of stress, turned to meditation and mindfulness to help him change things for the better. In 2012 after a 26 year career as a broker he departed the world of finance and committed his time to making a difference. Since 2012 he has taught thousands of people all over the world to meditate, led transformational retreats, hosted corporate trainings for Fortune 100 companies like Amazon, Coca Cola, as well as UBS, Nova FM and Fairfax Media. He has also spoken on stages at some of the biggest events like Afest, Wanderlust and the Adnews Summit.

Tom Cronin’s strong skill as an experienced facilitator teaches conference participants very practical tips and strategies to apply to their work and home life, empowering insights and knowledge, and a meditation training experience during his sessions that leave the audience feeling inspired and equiped to acquire the necessary skills to be healthy, happy and successful in the future.

Tom has worked with hundreds of companies, conferences and media outlets as a speaker and facilitator from UBS, Nova FM, Qantas, Finch Media, Fairfax Media, Amazon, Sydney Airports, GPT, Bank of China, Wanderlust, Afest, Mindheart Connect and the list goes on…

He has been featured on TV and in the media sharing his insights and strategies for a successful life from Thrive Global, Sydney Morning Herald, Yahoo News, The Morning Show Channel 9, CBS, NineMSN, Conde Nast Traveller, Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, Vogue, Business Insider magazine just to name a few.

Tom Cronin talks about:

1. Magnify Your Success In A Stress Free Workplace – How to reduce the stress response in your workplace and increase productivity and staff well being.

2. Inspired Based Conscious Leadership – How to create inspiring Leaders in a challenging and ever-changing world.

3. Optimising A Happy, Healthy and Focused Workplace – A step by step guide for physical, mental and emotional well being in the workplace.

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