Terry McCrann

Economic Commentator

Terry McCrann’s experience in the economic field is extensive and well-respected. Never far from the great controversies, McCrann’s opinion is always incisive and thought-provoking. From entrepreneurs to politicians, the people that have shaped the nation have come under the McCrann microscope. His understanding of the forces that drive economic development and business success is acute.

For nearly three decades, Terry McCrann has been a media commentator of distinction.  He writes a daily column that is syndicated in the Herald-Sun, Sydney Telegraph-Mirror, Brisbane Courier Mail, Hobart Mercury and the Adelaide Advertiser.  McCrann’s reach is testament to his knowledge of the business sector and his ability to convey that knowledge to his readers. McCrann is also a regular columnist for The Australian and frequently appears on television and radio. Communicating is second nature to him.

Terry McCrann’s critical analysis of business and economic issues and trends is high calibre. With his reputation, he commands a bigger audience than any other columnist in Australia. Well-known for his hard-hitting commentary, McCrann’s expertise ranges across business, politics, economics and finance.

In a time of changing economic outlooks, Terry McCrann understands the forces that drive the economy. Will interest rates go up? Will the dollar fluctuate? Which companies are ripe for takeover? McCrann’s opinions are based on an expertise that lends credibility and reliability.

The ability to communicate is an essential part of a speaker’s profile. Knowing the subject is just one part of successful communication. Terry McCrann’s enduring influence in the media is testament to his communication skill. But he has the knowledge to go with it. McCrann is a past winner of the Walkley Award for journalism, is a former Graham Perkin Journalist of the Year, and is a previous winner of the Melbourne Press Club’s Golden Quill Award among many other awards and accolades.

Terry McCrann is a business speaker with few rivals.  His experience and expertise guarantee his success.

Topics include:

  • Economic outlook
  • Political review
  • Business trends

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