Susan Mitchell

Successful Author & Columnist

Susan Mitchell is one of Australia’s most respected authors. She speaks on a wide range of topics including Australian culture, politics and success, the media, education, women and society.

As a writer, Susan Mitchell is the author of nine best-selling books of non-fiction, including Tall Poppies, Icons, Saints and Divas and Splitting the World Open. Her first book Tall Poppies was founded by her desire to give young Australian women female role models. The book was serialised in newspapers and magazines throughout Australia, used as set texts for educational institutions and been the basis of a national television series.

A freelance journalist, public speaker, author and broadcaster, Susan Mitchell is renowned for her ability to get behind the public mask. She has presented radio programs on both ABC and commercial radio and presented her own television program Susan Mitchell: In Conversation on ABC TV.

Betty Churcher, former director of the National Gallery of Australia compared Susan Mitchell’s interviewing technique to that of a ‘heat seeking missile’. Maggie Tabberer said it was ‘like being in a confessional and cheaper than a shrink’. International best-selling author Marilyn French said Susan’s interview with the best in her life.

Susan Mitchell has been a teacher in Australia and England and a senior lecturer in Communications at the University of South Australia. She was a member and chair of the Writers Week Board for the Adelaide Festival of the Arts, a Director on the Boards of the Australia Council, the South Australian Tourism Commission and Film Australia.

As a speaker, Susan Mitchell is intelligent, witty, highly entertaining, and inspirational.

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