Stuart Tipple

Chamberlain defence lawyer

Stuart Tipple has practiced as a solicitor primarily in New South Wales since 1978. Between 1978 and 1980 he worked with the NSW Public Solicitors office and assigned Court of Criminal Appeal and High Court indictable matters.

After returning to private practice in 1978 he was retained by Dr Michael Chamberlain and Mrs Lindy Chamberlaine-Creighton to appear on their behalf after the first inquest into the death of Azaria Chamberlain was quashed and a new inquest ordered.

He represented the Chamberlains at their trial and subsequent appeals. After the High Court Appeal was lost by a three two majority, he oversaw –

  • a media campaign which set up the Chamberlain Innocence Committee comprising prominent Australians calling for a Royal Commission;
  • engaged scientists to conduct further tests which eventually destroyed the Crown case;
  • successfully applied for the establishment of a Royal Commission.

Following the Royal Commission, the Chamberlains were pardoned, compensated and later acquitted.

In 1995 the Northern Territory held a third Inquest which returned an open finding. This finding was unsatisfactory and from 1995 further evidence was accumulated confirming the danger and propensity of dingoes. In November 2010 Mr Tipple successfully applied for a fourth Inquest.

The fourth Inquest concluded on 12th June 2012, some 32 years after Azaria disappeared. The Coroner delivered her findings via live television which was watched around the world, a found that Azaria had met her death after being attacked and taken by a dingo.

Mr Tipple is an experienced advocate and sought after speaker. His other achievements include:

  • successfully changing the way forensic science records and tests are kept after making a complaint which was upheld by the New South Wales Ombudsman Office;
  • winning the NSW Young Solicitor’s essay;
  • delivering the University of Newcastle Harry Eddy Memorial Lecture;
  • keynote speaker at the International Justice Conference in Western Australia in March 2012.

Mr Tipple continues to practice in New South Wales and is the principal of Brennan Tipple Partners.

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