String Diva

For an electrifying musical performance

Take three beautiful young girls with Vogue model looks, pair each of them with an electric violin and back them with a contemporary fully orchestrated track… and you have the latest corporate sensation – String Diva.

String Diva is a classical cutting edge virtuoso, that will open or close your event with sophisticated, unique interpretations of some of the world’s most loved classics.

This fresh and exciting act combines the talents of the very best musicians with music the world adores. String Diva proudly stamp their unique style on both the gracefully choreographed music they play and the way corporate and concert audiences are entertained around the globe.

String Diva's repertoire includes:

  • An Australiana Medley of I Come From a Land Down Under (Men at Work) and Great Southern Land (Icehouse). As an option, a didgeridoo player can also be part of this medley.
  • The Habanera from the Opera Carmen with the option of a singer too. During this phenomenal performance, the girls walk into the audience and serenade the clients.
  • Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nacht Musik– the perfect Fanfare to open any event.

Of course, if a specific musical piece is required, String Diva will have it orchestrated to suit your event.

String Diva has created an enormous impact on the corporate scene – don’t miss the opportunity to book this unforgettable trio for your next event!

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