Steven Bradbury OAM

Motivational Speaker, MC, Safety Speaker, Comedian and Workshop Facilitator

Steven Bradbury is Australia’s First Winter Olympic Gold Medallist and Australian Motivational Speaker.

Transitioning from being an expert speed skater to an expert keynote speaker and after dinner entertainer has been an interesting ride over the last 15 years. Steven Bradbury has presented at over 1350 conferences and events in 21 countries and still loves it. He thoroughly enjoys the adrenaline before going onstage and loves that his strategies for success in business and in life are able to inspire and help people.

Booking Steve as either a Motivational or Keynote Speaker, After Dinner Speaker, MC or Conference Facilitator, Host, Comedian and now a OHS / Risk Management Presenter will inspire and entertain you.

You will leave with the knowledge that much of the prize is in the journey and success takes Passion, Persistence and Teamwork.

Steven can tailor his presentation to suit client themes, objectives and time-frames and will work with you prior to your event to get the best result possible. Even though Steven is a household name he comes with zero celebrity baggage.

Steven Bradbury talks about:

Motivational Speaker
Steven Bradbury’s career as an Olympic speed skater was driven by determination and most importantly a will to succeed. With the same passion he showed on the ice, Steven has continued his success as a Motivational speaker. Steven actually doesn’t like the title – Motivational Speaker, it sounds Un-Australian, he prefers real Life Speaker !As a Motivational Speaker, his warm friendly nature, down to earth manner and use of humour is sure to help ‘break the ice’. The Bradbury story is one of the true Aussie battler who overcomes much adversity to achieve the ultimate goal. Steven has learned success strategies through experience in business and sport. Like he has done for many others, as a motivational speaker, he is ready to deliver lasting results and a never give up attitude to your team.

After Dinner Speaker
Steven Bradbury has become one of Australia’s best entertainers. He is now getting regular bookings as an After Dinner Speaker and a stand -up comedian with a celebrity edge. After fine tuning his skills and working with infamous comedian Fred Lang, Steven’s timing and pausing is spot on and his childhood, fatherhood and post Olympic stories are hilarious. Being a great after dinner speaker is not easy. You need to be adaptable, be part comedian, part entertainer, part motivator and often be a draw card to help put bums on seats. Over the last 15 years Steven has spoken to accountants, plumbers, school kids, the wallabies, CEO’s, council workers, bankers, Olympians, fashion designers and politicians. Steven is ready for any audience.

MC | Master of Ceremonies | Event host | Conference Facilitator
Steven Bradbury enjoys the role of MC – Master of Ceremonies, Event Host and Conference Facilitator. His vast experience onstage allows him to be relaxed, informative and entertaining. Steven is one of Australia’s most well known Olympic Champions and adds the celebrity angle to any event. An MC needs to do more than simply introduce the next speaker. The MC needs to engage the audience, be able to work a room, feed off the energy or create energy The MC should also have the skills to convey the clients intended message to the audience. Steven has been honing his skills for well over 12 years and is one of the most experienced, entertaining and professional MC’s on the Australian & International speaking circuits.

OHS – Health and Safety Speaker – Risk Management
Steven Bradbury – Health and Safety Speaker. The sporting world is high Risk, high Reward. Just before the race with the epic pile up that led to Steven Bradbury winning Australia’s 1st Winter Olympic Gold Medal he spoke to his coach Ann Zhang. Finally Steven had developed experience and judgment. It had taken him 12 years of obsessive training, 4 Olympics Campaigns, 111 stitches in his leg, four litres of blood on the ice and a broken neck. Now Steve and his coach knew everything:

  • Youthful exuberance = 0%
  • Over Confidence = 0%
  • Knowing the competition = 100%
  • Knowing your own limitations = 100%

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