Steve Simpson

International Speaker, Author and Change Agent on Workplace Culture and Customer Service

Steve Simpson is an international speaker, consultant and author.

UK based e-Customer Service World have described him as ‘Australia’s leading corporate culture authority’. SOCAP in Europe have described Steve as the ‘leading Australian Customer Care Guru’.

Steve is the creator of the globally acclaimed UGRs (Unwritten Ground Rules) concept – used by organisations to understand and strategically improve workplace cultures.

Steve helps teams gain advantage from outstanding customer service – assisting organisations to go beyond the traditional customer service marketing cliches to a point where a genuine commitment to service becomes part of the fabric of the organisation.

Another unique talent is his ability to help leaders craft workplace cultures the create distinct and lasting competitive advantage. Typically, Steve will share his insights through the lens of his UGRs concept that has been acclaimed as a breakthrough in understanding and improving workplace cultures.


Steve Simpson speaks about:

Leading corporate cultures: introducing UGRs – Culture is the number one issue for the world’s business leaders according to the latest Deloitte Global Capital Human Trends Report. Steve shares his concept of UGRs – unwritten ground rules – and how these constitute an organisation’s culture. Most importantly, Steve shows how the UGRs concept can be used to transform cultures and performance

Leading the customer experience – Underpinning every move to improve customer service is the organisation’s culture. Steve shows how to ensure customer service initiatives reap maximum benefits by getting the culture right. Steve also shows how the customer experience can be transformed by application of a range of unique initiatives.

Leading change – It’s not uncommon for change initiatives to fail to achieve their pre-defined goals. The most common reason? The organisation’s culture. Steve shows how cultures can be transformed from being change resistant to a place where people embrace change.

Leading safety – A great deal has been invested into ensuring people conform to safe work practices. Yet despite these investments, safety breaches occur all too often. Steve shows how UGRs impact on safety, and what can be done to lock in a genuine safety oriented culture

Leading teams – When a team genuinely performs as a team, magic things can happen. But too often, teams are bedevilled by issues that diminish performance. Even apparently happy teams can be undermined by issues that impact on them, their leaders and their customers. This presentation by Steve shows how teams can transform to realise their true potential.

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