Steph Prem

Olympian, Speaker, Podcast Host, High Performance Coach and Expert in Health and Wellness

Steph Prem’s remarkable journey encompasses a diverse range of accomplishments and experiences. As an Olympian, she has honed her skills in the world of elite sports but she has also faced the harsh realities of the sporting world, enduring a career-ending injury.

Since retiring from sport Steph has been an expert commentator for the past three Winter Olympics Broadcasts on the Seven and Ten network and Steph has proudly served as the Medibank Health Ambassador, advocating for better health and wellbeing across the nation including hosting the podcast ‘Mindfulmess with Steph Prem’ which shares insightful and practical tips on physical and mental health grounded in the lived experiences of Australian sports heros and high performers.

A regular on the speaking circuit, Steph has delivered keynote presentations for some of Australia’s most recognisable ASX company’s and corporate teams including Medibank, Telstra, Toyota, Rio Tinto ,Asahi, NAB and Monash Health.

The founder of Studio PP a health and Pilates hub, frequented by high-profile business leaders and celebrity clientele. Studios, events and online training offerings where Steph’s unique, inspiring, and performance-driven ethos come to life, empowering individuals to unleash their potential through movement.

Steph’s energy and charisma are infectious, complementing her wealth of knowledge, high performance mindset and sporting experience. With a fervent passion for both physical and mental wellbeing, Steph wholeheartedly believes in empowering even the most resistant individuals and organizations to take action and live ‘well’.

With her knowledge, experience and passion for sport Steph has been an expert commentator and panellist for the Winter Olympics broadcast for both the Seven and Ten network.

As a former Winter Olympian herself Steph lent her invaluable expertise and cheeky personality to expert commentary and panelist role during the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games on Channel 10. Her in-depth knowledge continued as she provided expert commentary for both the 2018 PyeongChang and 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games on Channel 7.

What Steph Prem Talks About

  • Triumph Over Adversity: Steph’s Olympic Journey and Injury Recovery
  • The High Performance Mindset : Mindfulness and Mental Resilience
  • Unlocking Your Super Power: The Ability to Change Your State
  • Non-Negotiables: The tools and principles which underpin a life of success, health and fulfillment
  • The Role of Discipline and Habit: Beyond Motivation’s Limitations
  • Mastering stress managment : Taking charge and Thriving Amidst Challenges
  • Creating a Culture of Wellness: Integrating Wellness as a strategic imperative in the Workplace


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