Soul Mystique

The Most Unique Dance Act in the World

Lydia and Gavin are the creators, producers and performers of Soul Mystique – the international stage act renowned for being the first in the world to merge the ancient Russian art of magical high speed costume transformations with professional DanceSport. A partnership since 1996, first as former International DanceSport Champions – this duo is now famous for their innovative and modern twist to this ancient art of quick change, and for pushing their boundaries to deliver world record breaking creations in their shows. Together, they have captivated audiences in over 60 countries, from television, live theatre, to high profile corporate events. They have graced the stages of famous theatres such as The London Palladium to Las Vegas, performing next to the likes of John Cleese, Siegfried & Roy, and Katy Perry just to name a few.

About Lydia and Gavin

Lydia is the Creative Director and Executive Producer of Soul Mystique. She writes the storylines, designs the costumes, and produces the music. She is the creative force that drives their productions to be innovative and cutting edge – and as quoted by Asian Geographic “…glamorous, mesmerising, and powerful”. Her mind-blowing creations have been recognised for taking their artform to another level by creating ‘first in the world’ costume changes that have never been seen before. From her vivacious and intricate costume designs, weaved into captivating audio tracks – taking their audiences on a rollercoaster ride and leaving them wanting more is what she’s known for. Behind the scenes, Lydia is a graduate of Distinction in BA Business, with a forte in marketing and multimedia technology. Lydia was born in Singapore and raised in Australia.

Gavin is the Executive Director of Soul Mystique. With a passion for live entertainment, coupled with a background in building and construction, Gavin is the brains behind the stage props. He designs the mechanics behind each prop, and strives to build trailblazing, original hand-crafted pieces, taking into consideration the stage and production crew who may have to handle the props behind the scenes. He has a brilliant mind for logistics, and ensures that the shows must not just deliver the wow factor, but also be easily transported around the globe. With credit to him, Soul Mystique is known to “pack light and play big!” Gavin was born in Brisbane. Before show business, he held managerial positions in the Australian building industry.

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