Siimon Reynolds

Inspiring Australian Entrepreneur

Siimon Reynolds is a co- founder of Photon Group, the 15th biggest marketing communications group in the world, with 52 companies employing over 6000 people. He has lectured to more than 50,000 business people all over Australia on success in Advertising, Marketing and Life.

Siimon’s personal success in the Advertising and Marketing industry is almost unprecedented – he won his first award for advertising while he was still at school!

Siimon was described by 60 Minutes as one of Australia’s youngest, self-made millionaires. He is absolutely passionate on subjects including lifestyle, focus, dedication and personal power.

Over the years Siimon has won every major industry award in the world and is the only Australian ever to do so.

His awards include the Gold Lion at Cannes, the Gold Pencil at the New York One Show awards and the Grand Prix at the London International Advertising Awards. His Australian awards include Television Commercial of the Year, Magazine Ad of the Year, Newspaper Ad of the Year and Agency of the Year, twice. Siimon is also winner of the NSW Young Achiever of the Year, Career section. He has been featured on 60 Minutes, Today Tonight, A Current Affair, Bloomberg and America’s NBC Today Show. Siimon was a board member for the Sydney Film Festival.

A successful author in six countries, Siimon Reynold’s book Why People Fail quickly moved to number two on the Business Bestseller List and number three on the Self Improvement Bestseller List. His book When They Zig You Zag is a guide to achieving your ambitions by following your own path rather than the paths of others.

Siimon Reynolds talks about:

Siimon teaches about creating a brand, increasing sales, marketing products and services and improving your professional know-how. His presentations are motivating, thought provoking and backed up by great stories and cutting edge research that leave audiences uplifted and profoundly inspired.

Siimon can speak on:

  • Experiential and Field Marketing
  • Integrated Communications and Digital
  • Internet Marketing and Communications
  • Specialised Communications
  • Strategic Intelligence

One of Siimon’s most popular presentations, The Four Characteristics Of All Successful People, has been given to over 30,000 people. In easy to understand, powerful language, he outlines the fundamental differences between people who achieve greatness and those who don’t, highlighting persistence, belief, vision and action as the keys.

Despite all the accolades, Siimon devotes much of his time to the pursuit of inner peace.  His passion is anti-aging and how to be vibrant at 80.

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