Sigrid Thornton

International actress and presenter

One of Australia’s leading actresses, Sigrid Thornton has starred in films now regarded as classics of the Australian cinema, including: The Man From Snowy River, The Lighthorsemen, Slate Wyn And Me and The Man From Snowy River II.

In television, Sigrid has starred in several very successful productions including: Sea Change, The Boy In The Bush, The Far Country, 1915 and the mini series, All The Rivers Run.

Sigrid Thornton consolidated her profile in the United States following several seasons in her starring role as Amelia Lawson in the popular western series Paradise.

Since returning from the US, Sigrid Thornton did the TV movie The Feds and earned an AFI best actress nomination for her episode of GP.

Sigrid was also chosen to write and present their Cinematheque segment of film reviews for the Foxtel and Galaxy cable networks. Most recently Sigrid did a telemovie, Little Oberon for the Nine Network.

An excellent presenter, Sigrid has worked extensively behind the cameras on behalf of the film and television industry, the arts and various charities. Sigrid was MC at the Nelson Mandela reconciliation Conference held in Melbourne and also acted as one of the Australian representatives on an official Australian film delegation to China.

Sigrid Thornton has served several terms as a member of the board of the Australian Film Institute, as well as serving as the patron for Women in Film and Television.

In addition, Sigrid was appointed to the Commercial Television Production Fund in 1995 for a three year term and chaired the Victorian Film and TV taskforce in 2000.

Sigrid currently serves on the board of Film Victoria and continues to do extensive work with children and World Vision. She is also the patron of the Feelix project for the Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind’s Braille Program for Children.

Sigrid Thornton recently received a Mo Award for best performance by an actress in a play for her sell out National tour of The Blue Room.

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