Siebert Neethling

Authority on Leadership, Change Management anmd Strategy

Siebert Neethling rebelled against his education and upbringing in Apartheid South Africa to work with disadvantaged youth and ex-political prisoners. Then he left his country to achieve multiple tertiary qualifications and pursue a global career working with organisations to implement change at the highest levels.

A brilliant story-teller, Siebert draws on this rich and diverse history, coupled with extensive research and hands on experience to inform, entertain and educate audiences.

About Siebert Neethling:

Growing up in Apartheid South Africa, Siebert Neethling defied his education and culture to work with street children and with unemployed, disadvantaged youth before managing a radio network on behalf of Nelson Mandela’s Makana Trust for ex-political prisoners.

A diverse and fascinating career followed during which he busked for a living in London, lectured philosophy and psychology, and managed a transformative, large-scale culture change program for a global brewing company.

For around two decades Siebert has been a trusted advisor to senior leaders and managers in global companies and large public sector organisations. He is a specialist in the challenges of leadership, focusing on strategy, culture, change, collaboration and performance. He has worked in over twenty countries on five continents.

Siebert brings to his work and to his presentations profound, practical experience in leadership, as well as deep knowledge from a distinguished academic career. He holds six tertiary qualifications including a Master’s Degree in International Business from Sydney University, where he finished top of his year.

Most importantly he is a brilliant storyteller, and infuses his talks with fascinating anecdotes and examples collected from his rich personal experience and extensive research. He calibrates his talks to the audience – light-hearted but informative entertainment when that’s appropriate; more intellectual rigour when required.

Siebert has overcome deep personal loss and tragedy in his life, and adds unparalleled depth of empathy to his work, while communicating with humour, style and great awareness of the needs of his audience.

Siebert Neethling talks about:


  • Being strategic: the one habit.
  • Seven deadly sins: strategy hell and the road to salvation.
  • The millionaire busker: business wisdom from unlikely quarters.
  • Beer wars: the most strategically brilliant company on earth.
  • Feet of clay and iron ladies: six great strategy stories.


  • Changing organisational culture: delusions of grandeur, incidental success and what actually works.
  • Managing to and beyond the tipping point.


  • The nine lives of Betty Crocker: transformational change leadership.
  • Time is not what it used to be: the new reality of change.
  • Managing to and beyond the tipping point.


  • The nine lives of Betty Crocker: transformational change leadership.
  • Time is not what it used to be: the new reality of change.
  • Managing to and beyond the tipping point.


  • Know then thyself: the psychology of business decisions.
  • Performance enhancement for the corporate athlete.
  • The slow death of performance management.
  • A benchmark for modern management.
  • Everyone gets a ribbon? Strengths and suggested areas for improvement.


  • Happy reflections on miserable times: life-affirming lessons from overcoming adversity

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