Shelley Taylor-Smith

Motivation & Mental Toughness Performance Coach

Seven-time World number one Women’s Marathon Swimmer, Shelley Taylor-Smith is the only woman to hold a number one world ranking for both men and women in the history of any sport. This ranking led to the governing body, FINA, creating equal prize money and separate rankings for both genders that has left a global legacy for women and Shelley regards this as her greatest personal achievement.

Shelley was inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame for her outstanding commitment to marathon swimming.

Shelley has repeatedly demonstrated the power of her mind in overcoming adversity. Triumphing over scoliosis, partial paralysis and a benign breast tumour, Shelley proved that anything is possible if you’re prepared to do whatever it takes.

In 1998, Shelley swapped her swimsuit for a business suit, focusing on making champions out of all of us. As founder and Director of Champion Mindset Consulting, Shelley launched The Feminine Code, a turnkey program empowering corporate women to transfer their unique potential and talent into peak performance. Its central focus is to create a culture of women sponsoring each other’s power and leadership into the world, without having to lose their feminine spark. It gives women the tools to utilise their unique gifts, strengths, talents and purpose in business and life.

Shelley is Patron of The Esther Foundation in WA, Board Member for Swan River Trust and the Burswood Park and serves on the committees of FINA Technical Open Water Swimming, Swimming Australia Limited and Swimming WA. She is also an internationally best-selling author.

Time and again, Shelley has shown people how to achieve any goal, both personal and professional. She inspires businesses and individuals, CEOs, corporations, sales teams, business owners, sportspeople, entrepreneurs, educators and everyday people to get exactly what they want out of life.

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