Shaun Christie-David

Founder & CEO of Plate It Forward Hospitality Group

Shaun Christie-David stands as a catalyst for innovation and social empowerment through his initiative, Plate It Forward. As the Founder & CEO, he has always seen the power of food as a connector, a way to bring people together with quality, dignity, and a sense of curiosity about how similar we all are. He believes food is the universal love language that can bridge cultures, foster understanding, and build communities.

Plate It Forward was created as a conduit for cultural exchange, respect, and genuine human connection. Growing up, watching his mom cook, showed she cared. That sense of love and dignity in every meal is what Shaun wants to bring to his tables, at his restaurants and through every meal he donates.

Every meal that is served is a step towards a more inclusive, compassionate world. This movement supersedes individuals and reflects the collective journey of ethnic and migrant communities.

More about Shaun Christie-David:

Shaun’s remarkable journey from spearheading significant projects like the Aboriginal Health Television Network to founding social enterprise Plate It Forward is a testament to his dedication to elevating underrepresented communities. His leadership has opened doors for over 200 individuals from marginalized backgrounds, offering them jobs and pathways to a brighter future.

Additionally, his efforts have culminated in the donation of more than 560,000 meals to tackle food insecurity.

Plate It Forward, a hospitality group is comprised of three restaurants—Colombo Social, Kyiv Social, and Kabul Social—along with a catering and events business, operates on foundational pillars that extend beyond mere food provision: Food Security, Training & Education, Employment, and Connection.

By crafting meal donation programs that convert potential food waste into nourishment for the vulnerable and creating employment pathways that offer a lifeline to those most in need, Plate It Forward integrates these values into its culinary ventures. Shaun’s endeavors along with the organisation’s operations, have garnered widespread recognition, including several prestigious awards that underscore their significant contribution to the hospitality industry and societal welfare.

A few of his achievements include:

·       2024 TimeOut Magazine Sydney’s Future Shaper

·       2023 SMH Good Food Innovator of the Year

·       2023 EY Social Entrepreneur of the Year

·       2023 Not For Profit Leadership Award for Outstanding Leader

·       2021 Australian Human Rights Commission – Community Human Rights Champion

Shaun and the team at Plate It Forward extend an open invitation to the public to engage with their mission of transformative change. Whether through experiencing the hospitality at their flagship restaurants Colombo Social and Kyiv Social, participating in the Plate Up Together team-building events, or supporting their community initiatives, individuals have the opportunity to contribute to a movement that transcends the culinary realm. It is through these interactions that Plate It Forward aims to demonstrate how every meal, job, and moment of connection can be a catalyst for positive change. Be a part of their story and continue to Plate It Forward.

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