Shannon Lush

Queen of Clean, Media Personality, Author & Keynote Speaker

Shannon Lush is Australia’s ‘Queen of Clean’. She’s never been stumped for an answer to a domestic disaster or restoration question – with a passion for organic chemistry she can offer more solutions for stain removal than you can poke a stick at.

An experimenter and an entrepreneur since early childhood, she has become a national celebrity with regular appearances on the ABC as well as commercial television and radio, newspapers and magazines.
Shannon Lush is a fine arts restorer who can fix anything from an expensive antiquity to a favourite aunt’s vase. Shannon has been an experimenter and an entrepreneur since early childhood. She learnt about chemical reactions from her father who was an engineer, artist, builder and inventor.

Shannon has written more than 15 books, among them Speedcleaning, which sold nearly 100,000 copies within its first four months and Spotless, which was the number one bestselling book in Australia in 2006. Her own TV show, Lush House, aired on commercial television and continues to air on the Lifestyle Channel.

Shannon is often engaged to participate in question and answer sessions at public events and to promote ecologically sound practices at events. She has been engaged as a keynote speaker by companies that include Samsung and IgA, and is often asked to speak at schools and for welfare organisations. Shannon has produced and hosted webinars and Facebook live shows for Howard’s Storage World and NapiSan. Known for her integrity, she will only ever endorse products that she 100% believes in.

More about Shannon Lush:

At the age of eight, she sold her artwork to school classmates so they could enter art competitions! She soaked up all the trick, tips and techniques passed on by her grandmother and her teachers and used them in later years to forge a career.

Embroidery and stitching skills earned her a living as a teenager when embroidering denim was popular. And she went on to learn every craft she could including ceramics, glass, leadlighting, painting, sculpture, working with metals and making jewellery.

Shannon’s move into ceramics opened a whole new world. She won several awards and set up a makeshift shop at the bottom of her sister’s house. One day a woman came in with damaged ceramic and asked her to repair it – the job was the beginning of a career in restoration. “When I look at anything antique I see the tracks of hands that have moved over it. I’ve always loved books on handy hints, particularly old ones. I test any handy hint I come across. No matter what it is, I’ll give it a go,” she says.

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