Sean Murphy

MC and Comedian

With energy and insight, cultural nous and rollicking wit, Sean Murphy builds atmosphere wherever people meet. Whether a festival at the Sydney Opera House or a family show in Nigeria, a high street activation in Birmingham or a cultural exchange in Japan, Sean’s M.C. expertise is an amplifier to any event.

The secret? Sean doesn’t put on a show to spotlight himself, but elevates audience enthusiasm for the next act up on stage, the next keynote speaker, the next athlete to take their marks. Committed to research and a thorough understanding of every task, Sean delights listeners with novel takes on familiar figures.

Behind this energetic boosting, Sean has a keen eye for logistics: making sure things start and finish on-the-dot, improvising in the gaps, and keeping event management up-to-date.

So whatever the scale of your event, whatever its content and cultural focus, Sean Murphy is ready to make it memorable.

What Sean can do

  • High-energy, high-insight opening and closing remarks
  • Appropriate acknowledgements of country + thanks to sponsors
  • Tailored introductions/back announcements to on-stage acts
  • Housekeeping announcements, clarifications and rolling updates
  • On-theme interstitial commentary (i.e. fill between acts)
  • Interactive roving comedy activities
  • Aid in the distribution of prizes, etc.

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